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Tik Tok Fun with the Goons!

I know that all of you have been sad that I haven't been writing as much. Life is like that, and I promise I'll be back regularly soon.

Earlier this month, Chinese Cultural Rot US HQ--better known as TikTok--put out an ad on Twitter encouraging people to make videos and share them with friends.

Tik Tok is the worst thing to happen to America since hipsters and their fixie bikes and trendy bars.

It's designed to rot cultures from the youth upward. It's insidious. It's a spy ring with added societal corrosion.

In other words, it's perfect for me to summon the Goon Squad, a collection of like minded trolls who like to jerk people around.

Anyway, it was Goons to the rescue as they gave Tik Tok US an impromptu review.

I got it going by asking a question that hasn't been regularly asked since The Simpsons was still good. (Season 11 btw.)

Kyle risked his life to bring us real footage from Tik Tok US HQ.

Leroy would like Tik Tok US to know they're bottom feeders.

Sir Micks a Lot had a way funnier tweet about how he'd just installed the app and suddenly had the urge to commit genocide.

Boooooooooo Twitter Censors! Hooray rum!

Carlin was just done with the whole damn system.

WeaponizD1 just wanted to hold a mirror up to Tik Tok US, so to speak.

Croc asks the real question, and sadly, the answer is that Tik Tok US users have the same freedom NBA players have.

Anyway, you can go to the original tweet by clicking any embedded tweet here and leave your own feedback. 😉


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