This is Dear FlAbby; Lets Save The World

Editor's Note: Welcome to "Dear FlAbby" a weekly series from @grand_handsome, where FlAbby takes YOUR questions on love, life, and the crazy world in which we reside. FlAbby then offers YOU the guidance that only FlAbby is qualified to provide.* If you'd like to be featured in a future edition of Dear FlAbby, please DM @grand_handsome on Twitter.

*Please note that FlAbby is not a certified psychologist, psychiatrist, has no medical training, hates cheese, and is in NO WAY qualified to give advice on literally ANYTHING. Any advice offered here is taken at your own risk.


Dear Addicted Lib: You shouldn't care about what is good for you because we aren't allowed to leave the house cuz of china sickness and grandma. When it comes to defending coffee you shouldn't! The less people drinking coffee then the more coffee for Flabby! When you discover something wonderful you're supposed to keep it all to yourself!

Sincerely Secretive,



Dear Insightful King: The western world has some very obvious issues that people are terrified to address. Asking the question is a very important step and you're basically saving the world. So yeah, big props, brave king! FlAbby was once told to give the devil its due! The Libs are always telling FlAbby that Islam is an ancient, noble, and wise religion of peace. I've never read up on it but maybe it has some wisdom in its texts about women's role in society. FlAbby will look into it!

Sincerely Interested,



Dear Dumb Lib: The only people who think that are people who love supporting cocks!

Sincerely Dont Touch Me,


C U Next Tuesday!