• Nero

The Triumph of the American Spirit

As we go into the first weekend, a holiday weekend at that, in which much of the country is finally open for the people to enjoy themselves there are far many going out of their way to stop you from enjoying it. The failing New York Times being chief among them. The Times decided to kick off this first weekend of freedom for many by publishing, on the cover, the names of many victims of the Wuhan Flu.

Besides opening themselves up to being called Fake News for including a murder victim as number six on their list as discovered by Beefcake

the Times also showed themselves to fear and guilt merchants who want nothing more than to make sure their readers are too frightened or guilt ridden to live their lives.

This of course wasn't the only way the Times was celebrating Memorial Day. No the Times also felt

it necessary to publish an op-ed about how racist it is to have military bases named after Confederate Generals.

Flappr's own Meara had the only response necessary to the Time's on their editorial

My only guess is they want to move the conversation on race away from Joe Biden's comments on what makes a person black.

Fortunately most Americans aren't as craven as New York Times writers and small number of readers they still have. Patriots in places like the Lake of the Ozarks

and Ocean City Maryland

are ignoring the desires of the Karens at the Times and are living their best lives in the time of Covid-19.

Now of course the Karens are going to bitch about this. They will claim that all these freedom loving Americans are going to die. People like this asshole

What assholes like this fail to grasp is that the virus isn't that deadly. According the CDC of the 65 percent of those infected with Covid-19 will show symptoms and of those who show symptoms merely .4 percent will die. That's right we shut down the economy and added all this stress into the lives of Americans for virus that will kill less than one half of one percent of those who show symptoms.

On top of that extremely low mortality rate it now appears that 11 days after getting sick those infected with Covid-19 are no longer infectious

and that people need to be in a location with the virus present for an extended period of time in order to have a significant risk of contracting it.

What we are seeing all over the country, in places such as Missouri and Maryland, is showing that American people are fed up with being confined to their homes. As they should be. What was supposed to be two weeks of sheltering in place in order to allow for the hospitals to prepare for the onslaught of Covid-19 patients that never came has turned into months of lock down for no tangible reason.

In fact outside of places like New York and Michigan where they have sent Covid-19 patients stay in nursing homes there hasn't been much in the way of major outbreaks to talk about. So while you'll continue to see publications like the New York Times trying to play the heartstrings of Americans you will see the rest of nation climbing out from under the rock and getting back to normalcy.

For every piece of nonsense unjustly trying to discredit those leaders starting to let the American people go on with their lives you will see organizations like the SEC getting ready to play football in the fall. Hell the NFL is already softening up the ground to announce that they will have full stadiums.

No matter what those who think they are the intellectual and moral betters of the country think the country will get back to normal sooner rather than later. Despite all the attempts to weaken the American Spirit it's just not that frail. The Wuhan Flu has once again proven that despite my annoyance at their foibles I have more respect for the humans than those who claim to be looking out for their "best interest". For it is those who claim to be looking out for the humans who really just want to control the humans.

So when you are out at a BBQ, drinking on boat, or doing lines with those strippers who finally started texting you back because the clubs have been closed don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. Those who want you to feel bad about just living your life really just want to control your life. Those who want to control you are not worth your time.

Always remember that Nero is on your side because in the end I am humanist. Perhaps the last humanist. I nurture ever instinct man has been inspired to have. I guess you could say I....