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The Time of Cardi-B is Nigh

It seems, unfortunately, that civilization will continue to go on in it’s death throws for the foreseeable future. Fortunately we now have an idea of what it will look like. More and more it has become apparent that the human civilization will closely resemble the life of prototype sex doll Cardi-B. If I am being honest this is the future Nero wants.

I had my suspicions that Cardi-B was the one true prophet of humanity’s destiny, not to be confused with that stripper from Wyoming named Destinee, and the news coverage of the past few days has done nothing but confirm my suspicions.

The clearest evidence that the prophecy of Cardi is coming to fruition is right here with a Kazakhstani bodybuilder marrying one of her people.

Our own As the World Burnz quickly identified the similarities between this sex doll and her prototype

The difference being that this new and improved model cannot talk back while you cannot say the same for the prototype

Obviously they couldn’t perfect the language center for the AI brain so they just decided to leave it off of the mainline models.

This is what we have to look forward to for the next few years at least. In much of the Western world we will see humans locked in at home with only Netflix, their sex doll spouses, and favorite onlyfans content creators to keep them company. If you doubt me just look at the resumes that are showing up on Linkdin.

Actually if anyone knows this fine young lady please have her contact the Flappr offices as we are currently looking for a new intern.

Even air travel has taken to the ways of Cardi-B and for the first time in forever I am looking forward to taking a nice long flight.

Look I still favor ending civilization but if we have to keep it around a bit longer at least it is looking like it will be for a good time not a long time. If this future isn’t something you are looking forward to do not blame me or even Cardi-B herself. No if you are upset by this you only have one person to blame as it was foretold that when the dorkiest human alive read the sacred scroll the time of Cardi-B would be nigh.


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