The Soccer Ladies Lost

For the first in over 20 years, the Canadian Women's National Team beat the American Women's National Team in soccer:

The loss came at a pretty inopportune time, considering that it means that Canada will advance to the gold medal game and the US will not.

Look at those moose fuckers, they sure look happy. I know that a lot of Americans that are happy the Canucks won too. . . and that's a shame - and while I don't share the same sentiment, I can't blame them for feeling the way they do.

That's a shame, but that's where we are.

By any metric, The USWNT has been one of the best teams in US sports history. Since 2015 they have won back to back World Cups and have dominated the world landscape everywhere other than the Olympics (the did not make the medal round in 2016 and the best the can do in 2021 is bronze).

Like wise, by any metric, the USWNT has been one of the most divisive teams in the entirety of any US Sports. They have made it clear that they have a platform and they will use it to promote the political issues. It doesn't matter if you think they are divisive, it doesn't matter if you wish they'd represent ALL Americans, including those who disagree with them, it doesn't matter if their message is incoherent and not based in reality, they will NOT shut up and dribble (a soccer ball).

A good example of just how little this team cares about insulting people that don't politically align with them is this quote from 2016 from Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the team, on her decision to kneel for the anthem, despite representing the country for which it exists: "I have chosen to kneel because I simply cannot stand for the kind of oppression this country is allowing against its own people."

Rapinoe's decision to kneel was, at the time, violation of a US Soccer Federation rule 604-1, which required “All persons representing a Federation national team shall stand respectfully during the playing of national anthems at any event in which the Federation is represented.” The Team didn't like the rule, so last year, they successfully in pressured US Soccer into repealing it entirely.

Then in 2019, Rapinoe, before the team had even won the World Cup, declared that she would not be "going to the fucking White House" in protest of then President Donald Trump:

There are more examples of how the team has become so divisive, but none capture the mentality quite so accurately than this quote from Rapione, talking about her own parents:

“Both of my parents should be really progressive – especially my mom – and I don’t get that they’re not. I’m always saying: ‘You guys should really be Democrats! But they’re not, so what’s happening?’ I’m very similar to how they are, even though I think my dad voted for Trump.’”

She went on to share that she told her parents "you need therapy" for watching Fox News, as the network would routinely criticize their daughter.

So, Rapinoe's team lost today, to fucking CANADA, and a lot of Americans are happy. I can't bring myself to celebrate American failure (certainly not when that loss comes at the hand of FUCKING CANADA!), but this loss does feel less awful than it would've have in previous years. Probably because this team does not seem to represent (and does not have the desire to represent) half of the country for which it plays. They don't seem to respect that there are two, good-faith, opinions on some issues. They don't seem to respect people that do not agree with them.

That's a shame, but that's where we are.

Sports are not a communal place anymore. Sports are not a place where people of all backgrounds, classes, races, and beliefs can put aside their differences for three hours and root for a singular outcome. The woke brigade has won - sports are no longer an escape from politics, sports have become a part of politics.

That's a shame, but that's where we are.

The USWNT will play Australia for the bronze medal on Thursday and a lot of people will be rooting for them to lose again.

That's a shame, but I don't blame anyone who doesn't want to root for people who seem to hate them and the country that they love.

Happy Monday, God Bless America.