A Guide to Things That Are White Supremacy

I don't know if you've noticed, but a lot of things are white supremacy these days. . . like almost everything from growing cauliflower to hiking is somehow rooted to systemic oppression of BIPOCLGBTQ2SA+ people.

Given the near-omnipresence of this phenomenon, it is important for you to know where and when you might be engaging in behaviors that might systemically subjugate those around you.

With that in mind, the fine folks at Flappr.net are endeavoring to catalog observable the activities, norms and behaviors that are clearly and unequivocally linked to white supremacy.

Now, you might find yourself disagreeing with many items on this list. You might even have some evidence to the contrary. But you have to ask yourself: is this really worth losing my job over? All these things are white supremacy.

This guide will be updated as new links of white supremacy are discovered by brave internet sociologists.


Tipping is a legacy of slavery.

Why is tipping rooted in slavery?

Well . . . .

There you have it, tipping is rooted in slavery because if you continue to tip people, you're perpetuating the legacy of slavery. So don't tip and make sure you check your food for bodily fluids from the staff.


The expectation of "individual freedom" is a "key component of white supremacy."

The why is expectation of "individual freedom" is a "key component of white supremacy?"

Well . . . .

There you have it, the notion of "freedom" is whiteness personified. The Bill of Rights especially is white supremacy.


The NFL Combine establishes a power dynamic, just like slavery.

Why is the NFL Combine, an organized event where draft-eligible football players get measured, work out and run football drills, just like slavery?

Well . . . .

There you have it, the NFL Combine - which is entirely voluntary, invites players of all races to come and be evaluated for the opportunity to get drafted and earn millions of dollars - is slavery.


Knitting is white supremacy.

Why is knitting, a hobby that literally anyone is free to take up, linked to racism and white supremacy?

Well . . . .

There you have it, knitting is racist because high-quality, indie made, yarn is too expensive and the marketable aesthetics of the knitting community whitewash POCs. Knitting is white supremacy and your Nana is basically Hitler. Think about that the next time you cozy up with that blanket she made you for your 12th birthday.


Biking is white supremacy.

Why is biking, an activity open to anyone in possession of a bike, linked to racism and white supremacy?

Well . . . .

There you have it, Biking is white supremacy because 120 years ago, white people stopped biking because black people had started biking. As a result, over a century later, USA Cycling membership is now 86 percent White, 83 percent male and 50 percent middle-aged. Biking is racism.


Math suffers from white supremacy.

Why does math, an area of knowledge, which is objective, includes the study of numbers, formulas and related structures, shapes and the spaces in which they contain, suffer from white supremacy?

Well . . . .

There you have it, math is white supremacy because math challenges people to solve equations and because it perpetuates "objectivity" (which is also white supremacy). So the next time someone overcharges you for a six-piece chicken tendies meal, do not complain - lest you desire to perpetuate oppression upon those incapable of counting.


Fitness is white supremacy.

Why is fitness, which is a state of good-health and something every human should strive for to help extend their mortal life, white supremacy?

Well . . . .

and . . .

There you have it, fitness is white supremacy because Hitler fixated on boxing and jujitsu and because it channels dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin which feel good and provide a dangerous cocktail for radicalization. So put down those weights and pick up a book - Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility, if possible - lest you want to become a radical extremist.