The Right is the New Counter Culture

Growing up one of my favorite comedians was George Carlin. I was introduced to his work fairly late in his career but right away he struck a cord. He made fun of everyone. There was no sacred cow he wouldn’t slay. No bit of hypocrisy that he wouldn’t call out. And he didn’t care what you thought of what he was saying – he was going to say it. This doesn’t mean he would say things to simply say something – this was high-brow comedy that really made you think. It was counter-culture. It was an old school beatnik riffing on society and pointing out the absolute absurdities that we’d embraced as truisms.

The other night I was sitting on the couch with the Lib of the House and doomscrolling on Twitter like I love to do sometimes and I caught this ad from Dan Crenshaw. Watch the ad. It’s hilarious! It’s fun! It has explosions, judo, and an actual pol jumping out of a plane! It’s everything that the modern media and our society isn’t. Sports events are lectures on social justice. Corporate woke scolds put on mandatory anti-racism “training” conferences. That’s when it hit me.

It’s absolutely true. Watch this campaign ad from Conor Lamb.

* Giant fart noise *

I mean, come on, fat. I’m sure there are some people that this message will appeal to because healthcare is a valid concern. Compare that to his opponent, Sean Parnell.

It’s a little more serious than the Crenshaw ad but still delivered in a funny way. Parnell was on Tim Pool’s show not long ago and it was fantastic. You can watch it here. Another favorite political ad is by Kim Klacik.

It’s a serious ad but it’s hopeful. She’s super cool and was on Tim Pool, too. You can watch that here.

This also extends outside of politics. Humor and comedy has gradually been taken over by the woke moral hivemind scolds. Seriously, if you didn’t cancel your Netflix account because of Cuties try to sit through Hannah Gadsby: Nanette. It’s awful. It comes off more as a Chinese era struggle session than a comedy show. And our elites love it. Look at the Rotten tomatoes review compared to what everyday people think about it.

Really??? 100% of our elite critics think this is amazing while 3 out of 4 everyday normies hate it? Get bent, you losers. We hate you and we’re tired of you. Compare that to Ryan Long’s comedy videos where he goes Carlin-esque and points out the ridiculousness of the woke dogma we’ve started accepting as normal in our sports, our media, and our entertainment.

Compare all these examples with the drek the DNC aired at the closing of the first night. Is this an example of a “cool” culture? These people have simply lost the plot. They’re not in tune with America.

What in the literal hell was that? It’s the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen. You think normies watch that and are like “Right on, man. Fight the power.” No! They hate it, too. I thought these people had Hollywood behind them. They can’t even put together something with any coolness behind it. The hivemind doesn’t allow people to be creative and express themselves so you only get the lowest common denominator because to step outside of that might get you canceled.

This can’t last. It simply isn’t sustainable because society doesn’t operate as a top down structure. The elites can push any nonsense they want but real power comes from grass roots movements. As more and more people wake up to what’s happening you can expect a major backlash. Until then, enjoy knowing your part of something brewing under the surface. While the corporations and major organizations push groupthink be proud to be part of the growing counter-culture.