The Right has Problems Part One

A couple of things dominated right wing internet this weekend.

First, people began abandoning support of Black Rifle Coffee en masse when it was revealed that its owners had spoken very disparagingly about Kyle Rittenhouse. When confronted by, among others, Kurt Schlichter, the company seemed to double down on its anti-Rittenhouse stance by blocking anyone who confronted them about it, or even asked for clarification.

Roasted, as it were.


Meanwhile, Millennial Grifter Charlie Kirk was hosting a TP USA event this weekend. Apparently, adult film starlet Brandi Love had been in attendance, but was removed.

The right, of course, had plenty of people ready to welcome this unlikely (or at least underrepresented) ally with the grace so typical of our broader side.

Just kidding. They tripped all over themselves to get into the clown car.


A couple of things to take away here.

  1. It would be wise to stop supporting people based on who they were, or who they say they are. Just as sports franchises (remember those?) pay for future value, not past performance, so too should our support be determined by who people show themselves to be and what benefits us. Is there a reason to buy specialty coffee from a military themed company? Eh, sure, if it makes you feel better. But when they disappoint you--as humans tend to do--you need to not be attached to a corporate name. If you don't want to be extra sad, try to not remember that there are probably plenty of veterans grinding out a living at Hills Brothers Roasters too.

  2. For a group that claims to want to expand the base and be a big tent, this is a strange way of showing your enthusiasm. Normalizing pornography is obviously not good, but the woman was simply in attendance at the TP USA event. It's not like she was giving a demonstration. TP USA released a statement that adult performers are not typically given access to events aimed at minors. Again, fine, whatever, but she was there as a Florida businesswoman. Literally nothing about her pornographic history was mentioned. Besides, I don't see the big deal about a porn star being at a TP USA event when Charlie Kirk has been whoring himself for years.


So what are we to make of all this?

First, the right needs better heroes. One of the worst things that's happened to the broader right is that we've lionized business as some bastion of goodness, and capitalism as some stand-in for Christ. Not only is that insufferable in general (if you're reading this, Uncle Ted, fuck you), but it's lame. Titans of business are heroic? No they're not, they're ruining America because they hate you and want to enslave you (more on this in future columns). Can you imagine your son or daughter saying Jamie Dimon is their hero instead of you, and possibly being okay with it? Grody. Grody to the max.

Capitalism is the greatest equalizer? Maybe in an unfettered fever dream featuring the Mises Caucus, but our version sucks harder by the day and is in drastic need of an overhaul. But not the communist kind.

Second, we need to pick our battles better. The following things regarding Porn Star Gate are true:

1. It would be bad if porn was normalized.

2. It would have been better if TPUSA had caught this before the event.

3. Letting her attend without reference to her industry would have hurt nobody and promoted nothing.

4. Getting her to leave was a dumb, pointless battle that played on on Twitter.

Seriously. The White House is openly talking about censoring ThoughtCrime for social media companies, and the right's leadership is busy arguing about whether porn stars can attend functions.

Porn stars. No porn stars. It won't matter because the Left is working on shutting all of us out of the discussion. So that we're even having these battles while the Left targets anyone who does not adhere to their new orthodoxy is troubling to say the least.

Changes are needed and there are changes that I want to help see through to fruition.

More to come.