• Nero

The NYT Gives in to Terrorists

So yesterday US Senator Tom Cotton wrote an Op Ed for the New York Times about restoring order in the riot plagued cities.

What could possibly be wrong with wanting to restore order one might ask. Well....

Clearly this is the best Op Ed of all time for causing so many subscription cancellations.

Early on in the day the Times publisher stood by it's decision to run the Op Ed

But that didn't take apparently

But even this wasn't enough for people like Holden

Jerry Dunleavy pointed out who, other than a sitting US Senator, is accepted as an Op Ed contributor

And suddenly newsrooms become ground zero for the kind of terrorism college campuses have been facing for years now

The cool Stephen Miller summed it up perfectly, as always

And most poignantly here

The attacks on free speech that have been occurring on college campuses for the past decade are coming home to roost. Sadly an entire generation of college students has been taught that throwing a tantrum when you hear something you don't like is an effective way to not hear things you don't like. It's funny to an absurdist like me to see how those who cry the most about inclusion are the first to censor people or ideas they don't like but I can see how it would be sad to those who hold on to the hope the world can be saved.

To those of you who still stand up to the terrorists I salute you! When you decide to just let it all burn I'll keep a seat open so you can watch the show with me.

Love as always