The New Left is Not Liberal

I read through Andrew Sullivan’s latest Substack article and it’s a pretty brutal smackdown of the New Left progressive elites. Sullivan correctly points out that the New Left isn’t liberal and in fact are actively engaged in a war on liberalism as it traditionally exists. They don’t see past an individual’s race or sex anymore. They don’t value free speech and often even support censorship. This new framework supported by the New Left that’s replacing liberalism he labels “successor ideology” and he does a good job of pointing out what it stands for in opposition to classic liberalism. It’s a good read and you should check it out.

There were two big takeaways from the article for me. First, he confirmed what I’ve been saying for a bit now which is the left isn’t really liberal anymore. They love authority. They don’t respect individualism. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve started calling them the New Left or shit-libs rather than liberals. Second, (and most importantly) he points out that this isn’t a grassroots movement. It’s a framework and ideology being ruthlessly pushed from the top down by elites at globalist corporations and from our cultural institutions of news media, academia, and Hollywood.

I think that the last point is important to recognize. Top down movements initiated by elites are incredibly brittle because they don’t reflect real life for a large majority of the country’s citizens. The monocultured, politically isolated elites live in a bubble that’s fractured from the majority of the citizenry. It’s absolutely why we get this weird separation from reality that we see everyday on Twitter, in the media, and from our elected officials.

Protests in Cuba against the government over Communism and economic disaster? Actually no, says the blue checked elite at the State Department. Those are just people protesting COVID.

This week we found out for the third month in a row that consumer prices were up. This month’s inflation was 5.4% higher in June than from a year ago. Gas prices are soaring around the country. But here’s the helpful elites at CNBC to remind that “aCkSHulLy, InFLatiON iS GooD!”

Crime has soared in many American cities thanks to defunding the police and a mix of leftist district attorneys that are soft on crime. But head cult member AOC says that concerns about rising crime is just “hysteria”.

Parents are fighting back against critical race theory all over the country as they write letters, pull their kids out of schools, and take over school boards. But CRT isn’t being taught according to CNN.

High crime.

High inflation.

High gas prices.

Parents angry at their kid’s schools.

Historically, this tends to poll pretty low - but here’s a Gallup poll telling you that optimism is at its highest level in ten years.

I’ll just say it – I don’t trust this poll. I think it’s manipulated to get the results they want that reinforces and supports the elite narrative.

The New Left isn’t rooted in objective reality and makes me long for the days when the left consisted of real liberals. At least there was a common framework to start with. This is why people like Tim Pool, Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, and Andrew Sullivan are now attacking the New Left because they understand this, too.

The real liberals are starting to wake up to the threat the New Left poses. Normies are starting to wake up to the threat the cult of the new left poses. And ultimately, that’s why the New Left won’t win.

There’s just too many people that don’t share their weird, isolated contrary reality.