The Media Tailspin Continues

I don’t consume corporate news media and haven’t for quite some time. I was red pilled years ago by the constant barrage of lies, false narratives, and disinformation that gets pumped out each day by journalists at dying institutions trying desperately to bring in those sweet clicks and views. I refuse to even click on a Washington Post or New York Times article anymore – if a story is important I’ll find out about it through another outlet.

It appears that I am not alone in my distrust and outright disdain for the media, as this chart from FiveThirtyEight illustrates:

Would you look at that? It seems that, apropos of nothing, Democrats' trust in media spiked precipitously in 2016. It also appears that Democrats are the outliers here - with both Independents and Republicans showing a heavy distrust in what the media is telling them.

This makes total sense, especially when you consider the type of garbage that happened Sunday night on “60 Minutes” when they ran a hit piece on Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. It was so bad, so egregious, that even a media skeptic like myself was taken aback by the brazen lying.

If you're not already aware, 60 Minutes deceptively cropped video of DeSantis talking to make it appear that the reporter got the best of DeSantis. They implied DeSantis was bribed and that a decision to allow a grocery chain to distribute the COVID vaccine was an act of political cronyism.

This narrative lasted for all of ten minutes before a flurry of tweets flooded Twitter with the longer, uncut media clips where it was clear that DeSantis had owned the reporter. That – of course, was to be expected. What surprised me was then Florida Democrats even started defending DeSantis. That’s pretty rare in today’s political environment. Here’s Democrat and Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management Jared Moskowitz:

And it didn’t end there, either, as the Democrat mayor of Palm Beach decided to weigh in, too – going so far as to claim the report was “intentionally false”.

Finally, the grocery chain Publix that distributed the vaccine put in their two cents, too.

It really feels like we’re reaching an inflection point with the corporate media. More and more people are beginning to understand that corporate media pushes disinformation and sometimes outright lies.

When you have Democrats bashing the media for a blatant hit on DeSantis that is pretty amazing. I don’t understand why “60 Minutes” would pull such a stunt that was easily disproved. Why would they set what little was left of their credibility on fire like that? I don’t know why but we’re starting to see even Democrats bash the media and that feels like a pretty important development.