The "Little Girl from Oakland" Fallacy

Did ya know? Have you heard? Kamala Harris is just a "Little Girl from Oakland"!

So what? Who cares? What's so captivating about Kamala Harris and being a "Little Girl from Oakland?" Let's think about what the "Little Girl from Oakland" moniker infers about Kamala Harris and/or Oakland. Basically, calling her a "Little Girl from Oakland is meant to tacitly suggests that Oakland is a place that she had to overcome (Oakland, for the record, has been a Democrat run city since - I think - 1977) to become Veep. That seems like a weird way to honor the city of your origin, but we saw a LOT of this floating around the internet recently:

Is this fawning and infantilizing of her roots to meant to magnify her accomplishments? Essentially minimizing the denominator to make the numerator look gigantic by comparison? "Our itty bitty wittle Kamawa from the home of the Bash Bros is now Veep!

Yaaaaas Qweeen, we have a Kamala Waffle! What better way to celebrate Hip Oakland Eateries, than by honoring Kamala and allowing the city to shed its long history of Bigotry, Racial Violence and the Bash Bros! When you think about it, this is really a backhanded compliment of ‘I’m so awesome, I rose above abject squalor to the second highest seat in the Land, but check out Chicken and Waffles, they are the Bomb!’ We know what ‘Oakland’ infers- inner city, ghetto, scary urban rap men, gang violence but mostly that it’s NOT San Francisco.

Kamala bravely overcame that - or so the media would like you to believe that narrative. In reality, Kamala's backstory suggests that Kamala’s parents were upper middle class immigrant college professors- something super sciencey and economics. Her Parents then divorced when she was only seven years old and her Dad moved to the mean streets of ‘Palo Alto’ where the children visited on the weekends. Kamala stayed in Oakland and was bussed (despite Joe Biden's objections at the time) to 95% white, affluent, non-sh!thole schools. When she turned twelve, Kamala's Mom took a prominent teaching role in Quebec, where Kamala attend stinky french speaking non-sh!thole schools.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that. . . Kamala wasn't raised in Oakland, no, she was raised in . . . from ultra-liberal BERKELEY, CA a mostly WHITE suburb of Oakland! (did you like the M. Night Shyamalan-style twist ending?). That magical place of Peace, Love and Unity. Walking distance to UC Berkeley.

So, now we know that this narrative of the "Little Girl from Oakland" is total lib fever dream bunk. No, we all know Kamala is a phony careerist politician and the media loves nothing more than a careerist politician with a story. If the media doesn't have a real story to tell, they will just stretch the truth to make one up.

That poor "Little Girl from Oakland" must have gone to such sh!thole schools that she never learned how to keep her story straight.

Oh well.