The Leftist Cancel Mobs Cometh

It is open season on anyone deemed to be problematic by the Left. They're making their lists, they're checking them twice and they’re going to find out who's not Liberal and nice. They're basically like Santa Claus if Santa Claus was a vile communist dead set on silencing his political adversaries.

As I type this, the establishment is moving forward with the 2nd impeachment of, in my opinion, the best President of the United States in modern history. This week, two Florida banks announced that they were cutting all financial ties with Trump. Cumulus Radio has threatened their conservative talk show hosts with termination if they dare continue to question the validity of the 2020 ‘election’.

We all know what happened with Parler. The non-leftist social media platform was chased off the internet by leftist corporations and is unlikely to return to the level it was before it was chased off of Amazon's web servers.

Last Tuesday, a Newsweek article covered the story of literary agent Colleen Oefelein. Oefelein was employed by the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency... that is... until her employer learned that she had social media accounts with the platforms Parler and Gab. You see, she didn’t say anything particularly offensive on those personal accounts. She merely associated with people deemed to be unacceptable by the left and promptly lost her job because of it.

Douglass Mackey ran a Twitter account where he used the name Ricky Vaughn after Charlie Sheen’s ‘Major League’ character. Mackey was arrested this week and charged with election interference after the feds claimed Mackey tricked almost 5,000 voters into voting for Hillary Clinton via text message after a meme he created went viral in 2016. I have 0 desire to defend Mackey (who seems like he might be a White nationalist douche), but it sure seems like a pretty slippery slope to prosecute a guy for a meme. If they can prosecute a guy for a meme about voting by text, what's to stop them from prosecuting you from posting a dope "DC is run by lizard people" meme? If the DOJ can prove this was more than just a meme for the Lulz, maybe that changes things, but it sure seems like a meme is just a meme.

Mike Rowe of ‘Dirty Jobs’ fame has hosted one of Facebooks most popular shows titled ‘Returning The Favor.’ Rowe traveled the country interviewing and spotlighting people who were giving back/making a difference in their communities. He and his crew would end the show by doing something good for the episode’s good samaritan. Facebook contacted Rowe this week and informed him his show would not be getting renewed. Though Rowe was not a vocal Trump supporter, he was no panty waisted leftist either. We all know that with today’s environment that if Rowe had started wearing dresses and a wig that he’d still have his show today. Hell, he might even get a job with the illegitimate administration occupying the White House.

Mike Rowe is a legend.

I’m certain there are stories I’ve forgotten and more of these stories yet to come. Let these examples set the stage for where we’re at in America today. I hope you notice I refer to my ideological opponents as ‘leftists’ and not liberals. Today’s DNC has lurched so far to the left that many textbook liberals don’t want anything to do with the party. Today’s leftists are angry, militant, and they’re playing for keeps. The sooner moderate Americans and apolitical Americans realize this, the better. .