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The Left is OBSESSED with Trying to Make You Eat Bugs

“The Hunger Games” is an astoundingly bad piece of literature, which is impossible to teach. It ranks right up there with “Secret Life of Bees” as one of the most painful things I’ve had to teach at any level. It’s objectively bad for two reasons: 1. The antagonists make absurd choices throughout the entire series which make no sense. In the case of “Hunger Games” a society which is mostly slave labor is used to primarily do really low training level stuff like picking fruit or mining with a pickaxe. You have a highly technologically capable ruling class of slavemasters and the best thing they can find for their labor pool to do is harvest stuff?

2. We as readers are asked to suspend our disbelief in ways which are simply not possible. Again, in the “Hunger Games” series, we are asked to believe that there was a war and a certain faction won and essentially enslaved everyone else. The problem is that we’re supposed to believe that the “everybody else” just kind of wandered out of the hills one day and said “oh yeah slavery seems really cool and also we’re okay with you guys sacrificing some of our children every year in a Bacchanalian orgy of futuristic gladitorial games.”

My point here is that dystopian literature is usually bad, because dystopian literature is hard to write. The horrific future we’re looking at as readers has to be believable, or the entire premise of the novel just doesn’t work.

News media have their own dystopian tales they like to foist on us from time to time, and the silliest of these is, by far, the one where we eat inexplicably eat bugs.

I don’t like sushi. Over the years, several girlfriends have tried to get me to try it. Normally, I’m pretty accommodating to what it is a woman wants, but this has always been a hard no. I don’t have to try something to have a pretty good idea I don’t like it. I have also never tried Indian, Gefelte fish, or Kim-Chee, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like them. Because they look and smell gross.

I realize that if you took some random bugs and blended them up, threw in some spices, and formed patties, you could probably make a comparable product to whatever the heck it is White Castle sells. Given that I’d like to preserve as much Amazonian rainforest as possible, I’d probably be in favor of replacing fast food burgers with that exact concoction. Not only would I be healthier because I’d stop eating them, nobody who still would be eating them would really be effected. When you’re eating McDonald’s in your car alone at 9:30 on a Thursday night, whether or not there are bugs in your food is not really a primary concern.

South Park made the trope of the Starving Ethiopian famous, and was able to do so in part because there are in fact a lot of starving Ethiopians. Ethiopia is a country which frequently runs out of food, usually because of famine. I used to ask why the starving people in these other countries didn’t simply eat the millions of flies I’d see all over. It sounds awful, but here me out: If you are starving--truly, on the brink of death starving--you will not care if you are eating boiled flies. You will be happy that you have an abundance of food, however unfortunate the food may be.

The article itself is a lie. This idea is not gaining popularity, except perhaps among the same psychopaths who think live music and sports aren’t going to return to filled stadiums until the end of next year. I have a compromise for our Lunatic Elite who push this stuff: Get all of these starving countries to switch to all bug diets first. I’m not saying I’ll buy in then, I’m saying I’ll at least listen to your dumb idea.

Let’s go to the mailbag/comments:

No they’re great. I’m guessing you’re saying no because bugs are literally so unuseful for human consumption that we actually are biologically programmed to be repulsed by them. Cest la Vie, Bug Lovers!

Because Journos are terrible, stupid people who want us to suffer.

Ular Gila predicts the inevitable outcome here, which is that we whatever idiots keep pushing this idea.

Thanks, Anthony. You probably ended this better than I could.


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