The Left Hates the Left Too

The left is almost universally a clown show now and the wheels are starting to come off even quicker on their clown car as they careen and swerve from disaster to disaster. The failures are becoming more public as even the liberal corporate media can’t hide the sheer incompetence displayed in the results of their policies. The infighting on the left is becoming more and more common to see as lefties attack other lefties.

The arguments between those on the left trend in two directions. The first is that the left simply hasn’t gone far enough left. This argument laughably posits that leftist policies that have produced failed results have simply failed because the policy wasn’t further left. In a way, you have to respect the doubling down - “My policies only failed because there wasn’t more of it” is quite the take. The other argument (and one I fully support) is that the left has already gone too far which is why these poor results keep occurring.

There was a lot of ink spilled that after the election the right was “shattered” and the GOP was in a civil war between the QAnon elements, the establishment, and the populist right. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a person that associates with a lot of right leaning persons I knew the Q narrative was utter nonsense. None of my family or friends are into the Q. The right’s shift to a more populist working class party has been coming for some time and picked up a lot of new voters in different demographics than it ever had before. This trend will continue.

The real civil war is occurring on the left as these failed policies are starting to be called out by the fellow travelers on the left. Sometimes these failed policies have small repercussions and sometimes they negatively affect a whole economy. Either way, it’s good to see some on the left starting to call out other lefties for these results.

Let’s take a quick look at some examples of failed policies.

After George Floyd’s death and the resulting riots there was a massive call to defund police in Minneapolis. They quickly shifted resources away from policing to mental health. About 200 police quit or retired from the force. It wasn’t difficult to predict the outcome – crime went up and response times drastically increased. Residents complained and now Minneapolis is spending $6.4 million to hire new officers. Those of us on the right weren’t surprised at the resulting outcome but here’s a New York Times piece explaining how idealistic calls for structural change can sometimes have negative outcomes. No, really. They had to explain this to their readers and the Minneapolis city council had to go back on their pledge and hire police to keep their city safe.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo is in some deep trouble. Forget that there are now three women that have come out with allegations of unwanted sexual advances – his big scandal is and should be his order requiring nursing homes to take in COVID patients. We now know they fudged the numbers to avoid getting into trouble as they showed a massive death rate in nursing homes from this policy. For months, leftist corporate media lauded him and his policies as “life-savers” while Ron DeSantis was routinely smeared while he refused to put sick COVID patients back in nursing homes. Here’s corporate media fake news shill NBC News explaining that Cuomo's COVID policies were actually not helpful. Will they ever make a piece saying Ron DeSantis got it right? Never. Oh, and just for good measure that article mentions Trump because how else will they get clicks now that he’s gone?

But leftist nonsense doesn’t just stop at America’s borders. The left has long loved rent controls even though it should be settled that they don’t work. Unfortunately, our friends on the left think they can repeatedly do the same thing and magically get a different result. The leftist government of Berlin imposed rent controls and what always happens with rent controls happened again. Here’s Bloomberg, explaining to their readers how rent controls help a select few tenants while limiting supply and shutting poorer and younger people out of the market. They calmly explain how left-wing economic ideas don’t work but before doing that they take a shot at right wing populism in the opening paragraph as a corrupter of democracy. You can’t make this stuff up. “We’re bad and our policy screwed up but gee-whiz is the right really bad!”

A normal person would look at these results and think maybe if the left is wrong about these things – what else are they wrong about? We’re beginning to see that a little as media has had to cover these mistakes and failed policies. Let’s not gloat too much about it with our liberal friends. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. The left’s civil war should definitely help the right recruit a few new members.