The Left Can't Nickname

On Monday, former VP and barely there Biden unleashed some cringe (not surprising) during a video call with Asian Pacific and Pacific Islanders Victory Fund. He took a shot at President Trump by saying "Trump is out there tweeting again this morning. I call him ’President Tweety’."

I've gotta hand it to Biden for at least making a coherent sentence for a change. We all know he's a few misfired neurons away from a complete cerebral meltdown. However, imagine thinking "President Tweety" is an own.

First of all, we love that President Trump tweets directly to the people. It gives us a way of direct communication and bypasses any media purposely omitting context to mislead the American public.

Second, Tweety bird is the genius between he and Sylvester. If you ever watched the dueling duo, it is Tweety who, in the end, always outsmarts his opponent. Sort of how this election cycle is going with President Trump outwitting Joe around every corner.

Of course twitter took to commenting on Sleepy Joe's cringe new nickname for POTUS.

Here are the takes:

Don Jr had the best take

A perfect reply by fellow minion @DentInTheWorld

Flappr's very own @TheFactualPrep also agrees

One thing is for certain, the left cannot win against Trump if this is all they have to offer.

I know 9 year olds that can recite the Declaration Of Independence, but the left's presidential nominee can't even recall the first line correctly.

It's becoming more evident every day that running Biden is elder abuse. While President Trump is busy at work making powerful moves amidst this worldwide pandemic, Biden holes up in some undisclosed location not willing to make any formal public appearance.

While leftists giggle at the lame new nickname thrown at Trump, Biden continues to show that he is the Looney Toon.

Biden saying we need serious, competent leadership now, more than ever, is so rich given that he posesses none of those qualites. Sleepy Joe will tell you directly to 'vote for the other guy' when called out. It's clear he's just not up for the job.