The Left Can't Meme - Vol. 7

Alright folks...it has been a couple of weeks since our last installment but its time to get back to a little fun. At first, we took a week off out of respect for our great president battling the Kung Flu Chinese Virus at Walter Reed. Then frankly, got a little side tracked with the day job (fans, if I have any, please petition Bart to give me a raise so I can leave my current job as a waste management consultant). But alas, with the election right around the corner, the internet idiots are on their worst behaviors and therefore Flappr Presents...The Left Can't Meme is here with Volume Seven!

Looking at my cache of horrible lib memes I was having trouble figuring out where to start but its really so obvious. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the first and only Biden yard sign anyone has seen anywhere in the country this entire election cycle. It reads "truth over lies - BIDEN President". Now I don't this it would be a good use of time to re-hash the five decades of lying done by Joe Biden, or even just the lying done by Biden and the Democrats during this campaign alone but these are certainly not people interested in truth. What you can do is check out my fact check of Joe Biden from the first debate with President Trump here. And it is worth noting that I could have gone on in that article for another 5 or 6 topics.

Next is a meme that is a little less topical than it was a few weeks ago when the Trump taxes non-story dropped in the New York Times but I was discussing this one with my Flappr compadres on our latest voice chat session so just had to slip it in here. Now this meme is not particularly cringe worthy or anything but something immediately struck me when I first saw it. Joe Biden has been in government for nearly 50 years, since he was in his twenties. He has never paid taxes. He is paid *with* our taxes and always had been. The only way you can believe Joe Biden has actually paid federal income tax is if he declared all his foreign bribes from China, Ukraine, Russia and god only knows where else, on his W-2 which I am going to go ahead and guess did not happen.

This next submission on the other hand is extremely topical. I have seen this one floating around for a while now but some buffoon had the temerity to post this during the Hunter Biden crackhead news cycle. Could you imagine? You also have to laugh that the entire media is controlled by the Left and they completely fly off the handle at the audacity of a lone network not kowtowing to their agenda. In case you needed any further proof that these people will not be satisfied until they have complete and total control of every facet of life.

Also topical this week with corruption in the news is this abomination. The only thing accurate about this meme is Barron Trump's height. I guess its probably just projection by the libs sharing this stuff in the face of Joe Biden and his entire family facing major bombshell corruption allegations from all over the globe. They cannot actually be that tone deaf right? Also ever notice how they constantly accuse the Trump's of corruption but never manage to point to anything concrete? You'd think after 50 years in the real estate business someone would have found or suspected something before Donald ran for president as a Republican. So funny how that works.

Where to even begin with this last one. Whoever made this must be very confused because it appears to be a picture of Trump draped in a Soviet flag and giving a Nazi salute. The entire Democrat Party have basically come around to admitting they are full blown communists at this point. And every single one of their tactics is fascistic from Antifa intimidation to cancel culture to organizing society by race and ethnicity. So who do they think they are fooling with this shit?

Bonus WTF Meme of the Week: We all know the Left are nasty nasty people but this is really low. Our beautiful and brilliant first lady reduced to a common whore. I guess the libs are just pissed that their last two first ladies one was a dude and the other was a rug muncher.

Bonus WTF Meme of the Week #2: Double bonus since we took a couple of weeks off! I said the Melania meme took the cake but this one is actually way worse. It was making the rounds pretty heavily on social media a couple of weeks ago when President Trump first tested positive for COVID-19. The days following were basically a wave of every leftist in the country wishing death upon the sitting president. Truly fucking insane. And these are the people that want to control your healthcare.

It is great to be back with all bringing the absolute worst of the left to your computer screens. Thank you as always for reading, cringing, and shouting "the fuck" along with me. As the Hunter Biden #laptopfromhell story heats up we are sure to have some more goodies next week right ahead of Election Day. Can't wait! Its going to be a wild two weeks folks but if all goes to plan you know what it means...the best'll be yet to come.