The Left Can't Meme - Vol. 6

Well, the idiots are back. Last week it was the cringeworthy deification of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This week they are out in force trying to destroy the woman due to replace her - Amy Coney Barrett. The funny thing is, pretty much none of these people know a single thing about this woman (who is damn impressive) but that has not stopped them from making fools of themselves.

This seems to be the most popular lib meme/cartoon floating around the internet since ACB was nominated by President Trump on Saturday evening. They are trying to draw a parallel to the perfect phone call with the Ukrainian president that caused that whole impeachment hubbub (lol remember impeachment?). The suggestion I guess being that Trump is only nominating Barrett so she will fix a contested election for him in the Supreme Court? There is of course no such evidence for anything of the sort and all evidence points to Barrett being a clean brilliant jurist but it just must be a corrupt bargain you see because the Orange Man...yea he's very bad.

But that is nothing compared to the attacks on ACB's Catholicism. This meme brings together their three favorite things. Religious bigotry, Putin conspiracy theories, and the only book other than Harry Potter libs have ever read. Ah, who am I kidding they've never read the book just watched the shitty TV show. I am talking of course about The Handmaid's Tale. We have been promised that is impending any time now because of the Trump Admin. Well, we're waiting! As a lifelong Catholic, one of the most mainstream religions in the history of the world, I can promise you it is not a Handmaid's Tale cult.

Then there was this one posted on Twitter by someone called "Scientific Realm" which appears to be a lib shitposting account that has nothing to do with science. But that's good news for me because they are going right into the Favorites for future material! But there is so much wrong going on here its hard to figure out where to start. First, if ACB was going to usher in some sort of Handmaid's Tale theocratic society why would she make herself into one of the oppressed handmaidens? But perhaps more idiotic than that is that they seem to think presenting Feinstein's bigoted quote next to the religious test clause from the US Constitution is an own against ACB and Conservatives. Huh? It literally shows Democrats applying an illegal religious test for office. To quote the great Gilda Radner "boy, are you dumb!"

I could do Amy Coney Barrett content all day because 1) its all so absurd and 2) lets face it she's a total babe (plus the brains). But lets save some goodies for the confirmation process when the libs are sure to really expose their lack of ability to meme. So we will pivot to some classic Trump content. Never fails!

This is probably going to come as a shock to many of you but could you believe that there are still leftist Democrats out there screaming about Trump/Russia? I know I know you think I'm lying because that thing has been debunked six ways to Tuesday at this point so how is it even possible that these people keep embarrassing themselves by bringing this shit up. But behold...

Bonus WTF Meme of the Week: Really did not want to include this one because it is just so repulsive. There really are millions of people in this country who believe the goal of police forces is to hunt down and kill black people. And if they cannot straight up murder them then at least lock them up for life. Its not even just that either. This is what they think of all of us. Every single person who supports Trump, votes Republican, does not adhere to the radical BLM agenda. To them that just means we want to murder all minorities. Its derangement to the extreme.

That will wrap it up for this week but there is plenty more where that came from. Thinking that next week we can focus on the stupidity that is about to ensue over the Trump tax return "bombshell" in the New York Times this past weekend. Already have a few in the chamber for that one. Have a wonderful week everyone and remember that the best is yet to come.