The Left Can't Meme - Vol. 5

Another big week in the politisphere which of course means more ridiculous memes from the Left. On Friday evening, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away and while I will not disparage her personally or dance on her grave on this website, that does not mean the fanatical abortion lovers from the Left who treat her as a deity did not produce some major cringe. Lets dive right in...

Storming right out of the gate with this absolutely absurd display. Not sure if this even qualifies as a meme technically speaking but as far as I'm concerned this is basically the world's cringeworthiest meme plastered on the body of some male feminist. My God dude what were you thinking? This isn't something sweet like Roger Stone's tattoo of Nixon on his back. Some lib chicks may pretend like they think this is so wonderful when they first see it but fairly confident things never make to the bedroom before even they go running.

Also feel compelled to throw this one in given the RBG theme of the week. The level of cringe is extraordinarily high here too (admittedly nothing like what we saw above) but the main commentary on this is that the hero worship of political figures is incredibly unhealthy. It is a huge reason why the society is so broken right now. Politics is not religion folks.

Next up comes a package deal from our good friend Burnout. He dropped these in my DMs on Sunday afternoon shortly after I pissed him off about something or other (a common occurrence in the Flappr Editorial Board office). "You can't spell hatred without a red hat." Oh come on people. Don't you love this accusation from the Left as if their four years of venomous hatred never happened? Just today, a Lib I know posted a video of a Trump supporter being interviewed by The Young Turks and his caption was "maybe Thanos was on to something!" Oh you know just a casual call to kill all Trump supporters but its the Right who is full of hate. Who believes this shit anymore?

And with Nancy now again talking about impeachment as a way to try to stop Trump from filling Ginsburg's SCOTUS seat this one just seems topical. Guess the libs forgot they lost the impeachment battle. Not gonna happen Nancy, go get another illegal haircut.

This one really made me laugh because I have been a huge Batman fan since forever. The Left appears to not realize that Batman was the good guy. In fact, Batman was the eccentric billionaire who kept the people safe and tried to restore order and prosperity to Gotham City after the establishment within the city became a completely corrupt swamp. Only Commissioner Gordon (Barr?) was willing to partner with the Batman to do the right thing for their city. Sound familiar to anyone?

In case anyone has forgotten, considered we have gone through about a dozen full newscycles since it occurred, a major Middle Eastern peace deal between Israel and multiple Arab countries last week (with more Arab countries expected to join shortly). So naturally this means the Left had to immediately rush to the anti-Semitic well. The below meme shows a large nosed Jews as a rat (and donning a MAGA hat). The same pieces of garbage who have been trying to brandish Trump and the Right as anti-Semites for the past four years create repulsive content like this on a daily basis. Consider the state of the country for one moment and ask yourself who is angrier, more ignorant, more gullible (who falls for every single fake news bombshell), more race obsessed, more bigoted, and more up the ass of their anointed political heroes? Its no contest.

Bonus WTF Meme of the Week: Again, I think I may be breaking the rules with this one because its not a true meme format but fortunately I make the rules. The "Trump is worse than Hitler" meme/trope is as about as common as they come and this one is especially ridiculous. Pathetic unstable Trump reply guy (you know the type, the losers who are also at the top of the comments in Trump tweets saying something nasty to or about your favorite President), Jeff Tiedrich decided that ACKSHUALLY Hitler is better than Trump because he liked dogs and could paint. Couple of other dopes (and Jeffy again) just kept adding to the list of ways Hitler is better (military service, wrote a book, didn't eat meat). No mention of the 6 million Jews he liquidated and the chaos he threw the entire globe into for decades. Plus Hitler wasn't even orange so how bad could he be? I'd write this off as just a joke if I didn't actually know people like this.

That wraps it up for this week's edition of Flappr Presents...The Left Can't Meme. As always, hope you enjoyed the absurdity from our lefty friends. Things are only going to get dumber from here but never fear because as you well know...the best is yet to come.