The Left Can't Meme - Vol. 4

After taking off Labor Day weekend to get in some much needed golf, JAC is back with the 4th installment of Flappr Presents...The Left Can't Meme. With two weeks of material to work with there are surely some real doozies in the mix.

Lets kick it off with the hot topic of the day...pedos! As the Left has gone all out to defend Netflix's soft core child porno "Cuties" and concluded that the only way someone could object to something so vile is if they are pushing QAnon conspiracies, they have also started dropping memes trying to make it out that conservatives are the real pedos. Not fucking likely my friends. If we cannot even agree upon destroying child sex trafficking and pedophiles then what are we even doing here? Guess we shouldn't be too surprised the party of Clinton and Epstein is resistant to this concept though.

That is a perfect segue into the Biden campaign's new mascot. Now this appears to be floating around lib twitter but I cannot quite figure out if it is parody from the Right because its just too perfect. Its #BidenBear! The Left's to the troll frog Pepe. Only one problem...thats pedobear. Pedobear is a common internet meme used to make fun of pedos. Given Joe's affinity for sniffing young girls, saying he loves when little kids jump in his lap, and the Left's full blown defense of Cuties this just has to be a fucking joke right? I fear it is not and here we are.

I think that is enough liberal pedo content for one week. Don't worry, I am sure there will be plenty more where that came from as the Left increasingly tries to normalize the sexualization of children. How about we move into some Trump material since campaign season is heating up?

Admittedly, this one is kind of boring but just had to include it. Is there a Democrat left in the country that doesn't think the United States isn't a racist horrible no good place? Tough sell that you are the real ones supporting the flag when your entire platform is burn the whole thing down.

Or how about this gem? There barely is even anything to say about this. Its just so fucking bad. Oh no Trump supporters are going to melt when Leftists show them their fake made up bullshit that they call "evidence." I am actually sitting here laughing at how stupid this is.

This might be my favorite of the week though. Can you believe Melania Trump, a professional model, wore an olive green dress? Thats just like the Soviets! Can you believe the Rose Garden is a square of grass at Trump's White House? There are squares of grass is Moscow! Can you believe that Trump walks through big doors that are opened by other people sometimes? Putin does that!!! I mean come on. Honestly, at this point anyone who talks about Trump/Russia anymore should have their voting rights immediately revoked. Any politicians who take part should be immediately disqualified and removed from office.

Bonus WTF meme of the week: 1) No there aren't. 2) No there aren't. 3) But there may be some people who acknowledge reality and biology who are missing some teeth because some of these guys are known to go a little agro. ITS MA'AM!

That will about do it for this week. Hope you all enjoyed this recap of the Left's complete inability to meme and tune back in next time because as always...the best is yet to come.