The Left Can't Meme - Vol. 3

Sitting here late on a Sunday night with tunes ranging from The Doors to Sara Bareilles pumping on the playlist, I am excited to bring the Flapprites the next installment of Flappr Presents...The Left Can't Meme. Unfortunately, the Loony Left appears to have moved on from their Post Office / mailbox obsession. What short memories but boy was it fun for two weeks. Luckily, the Flappr Editorial Board uncovered some real goodies this week. Enjoy!

Last week Robert O'Neill, the Navy Seal who took the kill shot on Osama Bin Laden and a prominent conservative on Twitter, sparked some controversy by posting a picture of himself on a Delta flight with no mask on and the caption "I'm not a pussy." A sad sad pathetic lib who stalked my Twitter mentions for a couple of weeks decided to drop this beauty in the comments. Now whatever you think of masks or O'Neill's tweet could you imagine being a random internet dork who melts into a puddle of his own tears over the name of a football team or if a white woman wears her hair in the wrong kind of braids and calling the guy who sent the world's leading terrorist to sleep with the fishes a pussy? I will take the real warrior (who kills terrorists) over the keyboard warrior (who can't meme) any day and twice on Sundays.

Can never pass up on an opportunity to do some Harry Potter content. I have of course read Harry Potter and seen all the movies like every other person my age but this shit where you take everything that happens in politics and create a parallel to Harry Potter is so freaking weird.

In the Harry Potter universe, Dolores Umbridge (the witch, no pun intended, in pink below Haley in the meme) was a corrupt career bureaucrat obsessed with her own pursuit of power and centrally planning every facet of the lives for which she felt entitled to rule over. Those who went against the politically correct doctrine of the Ministry of Magic, and Umbridge specifically, were forced into hiding like Dumbledore (cancelled) or punished severely. Sounds an awful lot like what a Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren presidency would be like, no? Nice try libs...oh and read another god damn book for Christ's sake.

Does anything sum up two very self evident things quite so well as this meme? One is that the Left does not understand the other side at all. They really do believe that the Right just does nothing but run around screaming the n-word non-stop. No one does this. The second is that they don't understand comedy anymore...at all. Its why they suck so badly at memeing.

I know when I'm looking for a laugh I want "dense theory", "thoughtful nuance", and "scientific studies." I really am shocked some of their leading comedians are Jimmy Kimmel who cries on air every night, Hannah Gadsby who thinks being a miserable unfunny bitch is comedy, and Trevor Noah who is basically just Don Lemon with an accent.

Just so we are all clear - according to this Leftist galaxy brain meme the ones fighting fascism are three guys with criminal records who were taking part in riots and destruction of property in Kenosha. They also attacked, chased, and fired a gun in the air behind Kyle Rittenhouse. While we don't know ALL the facts of this case just yet, it appears that Kyle Rittenhouse was in Kenosha working as a lifeguard, he deicded to stick around after his shift to help clean up some graffiti and then made the decision to stay into the night to help protect businesses from looting. What happened next. . . well you've probably seen the video. Probably wasn't a great decision, but a 17 year old boy going around the community helping clean up graffiti, provide medical assistance to people, and protect property, is probably not a great example of a bootlicking fascist Nazi murderer.

The best part of this meme is the corporations patting Kyle on the head. Have you people been paying attention? Every major corporation in America has the same politics as BLM. Imagine having the same politics as Pepsi and thinking you are the revolutionary dismantling the system?

Bonus WTF Meme of the Week: Oh you know...just Marxist propaganda dressed up with Disney characters. Why libs why?

Double Bonus this week: Nobody wants to date weak leftist activist men and lib feminist women don't look like Kelly Kapowski. Sorry sweetheart.

With just two months to go until Election Day things are only going to get dumber and the Left more panicked and deranged. And the memes are going to be glorious. I think it goes without saying but the best is yet to come.