The Left Can't Meme - Vol. 2

Hidey ho Flapprites, coming back at ya with Volume 2 of Flappr Presents...The Left Can't Meme. Hope you enjoyed the inaugural edition last week. Lets dive right in shall we?

Since I love this story so much, I've got to go back to the Trump is sabotaging the Post Office conspiracy theory. There are a few things wrong with this first meme. For starters, it is an incorrect usage of the punchline of one of my favorite meme formats. Leave it to the libs. But more importantly is that don't even understand that it only makes sense if you grant the premise that Trump is trying to nefariously sabotage the Post Office. Since there is no such evidence, and his tweet is trolling libs right to their faces, this is just a poor attempt.

In last week's post, I asked the question as to whether the libs would be deifying Newman from Seinfeld. Well they are getting pretty damn close with this shit. Apparently mailmen are basically like Seal Team Six now and law enforcement are actually just cowardly SS officers. Thats right folks, fat guys in shorts driving trucks around dropping letters in mailboxes are the saviors of our society while those who are trying to ensure Democrat cities don't get burned to the ground are Nazis. Can't make it up.

I was not even going to include this last one because its just so absurd that I figured it had to be a meme mocking the Left. But I have it on good authority from our resident degenerate and meme expert, Nero, that this is in fact a completely serious Leftist meme. Really don't think there is much more to say...

Let us now shift our focus to a completely uncontroversial topic - immigration. I have not seen Mean Girls in many moons but (once again) leave it to the libs to try to ruin an American classic! Of course it goes without saying that if people, anywhere in the world, do not like where they live, do not like their government, or believe they are being oppressed then they are perfectly within their rights to leave. But as is obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, immigration is a two way street...meaning the receiving country has to consent and you do not just get to sneak in because you feel like it. Pretty easy stuff but libs understanding of very basic concepts is about as poor as their ability to meme.

Huh? Just...huh? What are we even looking at here? Why is the capitalist exploiting workers the crying NPC, the crying NPC pretending to be happy and the two chads? These people have no damn clue what they are doing! Also, thank you capitalism for everything good in the world!!!

Going to close it out with my favorite Leftist meme of the week. What is so amazing about this one is that it is supposed to make the RNC and the McCloskeys (St. Louis gun couple) look bad but in reality it makes the whole thing look fucking awesome. Bare footed salmon polo wearing boomer with an AR-15 and his crazy blonde wife with a pea shooter faced down hundreds of BLM rioters on their front lawn? Hell yes this convention is gonna be lit! Three shouts for Real America.

Bonus WTF meme of the week: It gives me no pleasure to share this and its not really a meme in the traditional sense but I came across it just because writing this piece and its just so offensive I felt compelled to share. This is a fake image of Cannon Hinnant's family photoshopped into a KKK rally and BLMers spreading a repulsive lie that his family are white supremacists. The only reason to share this is to try to justify the execution of an innocent 5 year old boy solely because of his skin color.

Apologies to end on that downer note but it is important for everyone understand that this is who the Left is and to never forget it. Never let them get away with claiming the moral high ground. Anyhow, can't wait to see what abysmal memes the loony left has in store for us next week. Hope you all enjoyed this installment and remember...the best is yet to come!