The Left Can't Meme - Vol. 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Flappr Presents - Left Can't Meme. As we are now four years into the presidency of the meme president himself, you have surely heard the phrase "the left can't meme." Urban Dictionary describes the phenomenon as "an immutable law of both the internet and real world." Basically, the modern left is painfully unfunny and therefore their attempts at memery are just sad. Lets take a look at some of the best (worst) the Flappr Editorial Board came across this week...

We of course need to begin with the latest flavor of the week - the Left's love affair with the US Postal Service and the conspiracy theories that Donald Trump is "sabotaging the mail" because of the election or something.

First we have this gem from the American Postal Workers Union (who endorsed Joe Biden this week - no conflict of interest there or anything) in which they claim not even fascism can stop the mail. Because as we all know, removing some excess mailboxes is textbook fascism. Damn you Drumpf!

These two might be my favorite though. The left are so desperate to be revolutionaries and freedom fighters bravely taking on a supreme evil (which only exists in their heads, mind you) that they are now idolizing mailboxes. Mailboxes. Think about that for a second. How can you just not laugh at these people? What's next - deification of Newman?

Next up is this beauty in which Bin Laden (who has been dead for nearly a decade), Chinese Winnie the Pooh and the Ayatollah (both of whom badly want Joe Biden to be president), and Putin (anyone who still unironically talks about Trump/Russia should not be allowed to vote ever again) are begging Americans to re-elect Donald Trump so he can continue destroying the country. Every single one of these people would do backflips for a Joe Biden presidency, including the dead Bin Laden (Biden is the only one who didn't want to pull the trigger). As the great Burnout noted, "that meme only makes senses in an Ezekiel 'wheels within wheels' kind of way."

The Trump era has mentally broken so many people to the point that they are disowning friends over holding completely mainstream American political views. If you think that is a problem with the other side and not yourself, maybe spend less time making terrible memes and instead get some counseling. So not only in this meme does the memer call themselves a bitch (solid self own) but perhaps the most offensive part about it all is the off brand Caillou they used for the image. That kid is the fucking worst.

Speaking of being a bitch...*mansplain warning*...the way leftist women lean into being "nasty" is supremely unbecoming. People like Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris are nasty horrible women. Among the worst people in modern American politics. This is undeniable fact to anyone with two eyes and ears (and even to blind and deaf people). Just because the president you so hate is a loud mouth from Queens who blurts these accurate insults, doesn't mean you should delude yourselves into thinking this is an appropriate way to act. Oh, and memes which involve indoctrinating children into being nasty soulless shrews like Hillary Clinton - not very funny.

This one at least appears to properly execute the meme format but its the content that is ridiculous. These lunatics see fascism everywhere they turn. Trump is fascism. Fox News is fascism. The Senate is fascism. The judiciary is fascism. The Constitution is actually fascism. Liberty itself is fascism. They think everything that isn't Marxism is fascism. Then they have the audacity to say its everyone else mindlessly screaming Marxism because they just consume too much fascist propaganda? To quote America's leading dementia patient - "come on, man!"

Bonus WTF meme of the week: Had to throw this one in here with no explanation because frankly, its just too absurd to even come up with one. Though I will ask - they do know who Joe Biden and Bill Clinton are, right? The Left is really so bad at this.

BONUS BONUS WTF meme of the week: Lena Dunham dancing in a bathing suit, because we have fallen so far from God's grace and civilization was a mistake:

That will do it for this week's edition of Flappr Presents - Left Can't Meme. Hope you all enjoyed Volume 1 and check back next week for some more leftist cringe! And dont forget...the best is yet to come.