The Lady Who Voices Elsa Doesn't Know 'Who Built the Cages'

The one thing I never get tired of on twitter dot com are the celebrities and blue check accounts who receive touching and innocent commentary from their children on the issues of the day.  Whether it is commentary on alleged infractions by the current President to courageous takes on touchstone issues like abortion and immigration.  It is amazing to see children of such young ages with such poignant comments on very complex topics.  We saw a great example from the very lovely Idina Menzel below:

Now I've never met Ms. Menzel or her son.  However, her tweet seems to indicate her son feels that now that the presumed president-elect Joe Biden has taking the reigns of power, the terrible cages for children at the border will be no more.  It would also seem to infer that her son felt the sitting President was responsible for these cages.  I think people on both/all sides of the political spectrum would agree that keeping children in cages is not a great solution to handle when children have been abandoned by their parents at the border, caught up in child trafficking or even sometimes split from their parents.   Now hopefully Ms. Menzel had a nuanced discussion with her son on this issue because I am sure she would have been sure to be clear that the use of these cages was bi-partisan as there is footage of these cages in place during the Obama Biden administration as recently as 2014.  This nuance didn't appear in her tweet; maybe it was simply due to lack of character space on the Twitter platform.  However, a cynic would think that maybe she was simply continuing to spread a well-debunked trope to pander to the uninformed while using her son as a prop.  A cynic might also say this type of misinformation is the very thing that many celebrity/bluechecks accuse the sitting President of doing.  This would be quite ironic if it were the case. Sadly, her tweet doesn't seem to convey this nuanced message at all and actually seems an attempt to dehumanize the sitting President and anyone who may have supported his policies or cast a vote for him.  Based on the ratio of replies, it appears many have offered opinions and support to Ms. Menzel in many different forms.  I myself found a certain symmetry in her tweet:

My own son came up to me and said "Isn't it ironic that Joe Biden will be able to dismantle these awful cages that were implemented by Joe Biden".  Kids really say the darnedest things.