The Inherent Weakness in the Progressive Movement

Over the years, my positions on policy and social issues haven’t changed all that much. I grew up shooting guns and my father was a policeman who always had a firearm on his hip and I now carry whenever I leave the house. I had gay friends and thought they should be allowed to get married. I’m not religious but I’m certainly not against religion. I think abortion should be a last resort but I don’t think it should be illegal. For years, that made me a centrist and I considered myself an independent. I didn’t really want to throw my lot in for either party and my voting pattern showed it as I would vote for both Democrats and Republicans based on the individual running and what they campaigned on.

That all changed in 2020 when I voted straight ticket Republican for the first time in my life. That’s not a strict endorsement of Republicans nor does it mean I’ll do that again in 2022. It’s not so much a “pro-right” stance as an “anti-left” position. Although my positions haven’t changed and they used to put me on both the left and the right, in today’s America it definitely aligns me more with the right than the left.

I’m not the only person to whom this is happening and it’s a trend that I think is only going to continue over the next few years. Repeatedly, we see people formerly who considered themselves firmly on the left aligning more closely with the right. It doesn’t mean they’re right wing now. Just merely that the interests of the right and the left are merging together against a common enemy. I saw yet another example of this today.

Read her article – it’s great! She writes “The politicization of this issue is what’s really fucked up. Schools are largely open in red states and closed in blue ones (see below for a devastating graphic). It’s very difficult for me to understand the simplistic thinking that says: Trump said open schools, so we must keep them closed at all costs.” Oh, really? You mean the left will destroy your life for political gain? We are all so shocked! Welcome to your progressive movement as it actually applies to your life. Maybe you shouldn’t support that going forward.

This doesn’t mean progressive ideas are going away. Far from it. These ideas are firmly entrenched in most of our cultural institutions like the corporate media, academia, and the entertainment industrial complex. And therein lies the weakness with progressivism. As it amplifies its message it will continue to peel off people that previously considered themselves solid supporters like Rebecca Bodenheimer. There are multiple examples of former lefties now in the tent of the right - Dave Rubin, Tim Pool, and Karlyn Borysenko are just the tip of the iceberg.

I don’t like continuing to see progressivism gain traction with our media and academic institutions but the phrase “Get woke, go broke” exists for a reason. NBA ratings collapsed when they started putting social justice messages in games. Netflix lost a lot of subscribers when Cuties was released. And normal people like Rebecca Bodenheimer will wake up and realize the side she’s sided with don’t actually have her best interests at heart.