The Information Industrial Complex, Powered by Social Media

For years now I have said that too many people are on Twitter, and at the same time not enough people are on Twitter. The problem with that site is how it fosters and feeds the hivemind on the left that, sadly, is extremely influential in the corporate press and certain corners of politics. So, in one sense while it is not overly representative of the views of the country at large (or so I hope), it does serve as a public journoList for the coastal elites who run the newsrooms and political communications teams.

This means if you are curious just how far some new campus-invented cultural Marxist campaign can possibly go, you need only spend a few minutes on the timelines of a handful of accounts to see that there is really no end to any of it as the only goal is power and power alone. It is for those very same reasons listed above that I believe not enough average people are on Twitter. Trying to describe to your average IRL friend(s) what the left, by their own proud admission, wants and why we should be concerned will make you sound like your conspiracy-focused boomer uncle on Facebook.

The idea that parents should allow a toddler to choose their own gender and anyone who does not respect the choice should face criminal punishment comes across as madness to the uninitiated. If a much larger slice of the public was on Twitter, I would hope they could get a glimpse of who and what these people truly are and how the progressive class is EXACTLY as described.

This week we had yet another example of this. For the last several months we have seen attacks on Asians in various cities and only a handful of stories about them made their way onto the timeline, mostly garnering little to no attention due to the fact that the attackers were of various ethnic groups and didn’t provide the clear-cut white supremacy narrative the press and wasps on Twitter were salivating for. Then a deranged lunatic from Georgia goes on a killing spree that spans several massage parlors and you could hear the groans of opportunity from across studio-sized apartments all over Manhattan, when his mugshot was released. Yes friends, the killer was a 21 year old white man from the greater Atlanta area. Small localized windstorms were kicked up from the collective feet of journos sprinting to their keyboards to opine on what this meant for the “growing problem of white supremacy in this country.”

Now all of the prior attacks on the Asian community by non-white assailants can be framed in the larger context of an anti-Asian strain of white nationalism narrative that the pundit class couldn’t get to stick before. There was only one problem.

The alleged murderer said himself that the attacks were not racially motivated, but instead were driven by an intense sex addiction for which he had sought professional treatment in the past. That is not to say that the killings were not racially motivated - the police are still investigating, but this is what the killer said. The fact that the killer said this (along with corroborating statements from his former roommates) suggests that the killer - who is a monstrous, loser - might have been a monstrous loser motivated by something other than race when perpetuating these monstrous acts. Nobody is excusing what this monstrous loser has done, but claiming that he killed for a reason other than what the current set of facts suggest - does nobody any good, unless you have an agenda.

And yes, the agenda must live on at the expense of facts or reason.

So instead waiting to see what the facts suggest, we were treated to the usual coordinated barrage of think pieces on racial violence and capitalism from the hivemind. It doesn’t matter that these critiques require an almost religious-like faith in critical race theory to believe, the Marxist agitprop will not be delayed by taking the time to form a coherent argument.

Increasingly, this country is segregating itself on ideological lines and these attacks are just the latest wedge the left is using in their never-ending quest for power and domination. Like the children in a divorce who are used by one parent to hurt and punish the other, these victims have become The Left’s latest pawns in the slow but long overdue national breakup we’ve been going through for the last decade now. If only more people were on Twitter to see how The Left and their media allies disregard facts and spin stories to the point of almost pure fiction, we might actually be able to combat The Left's "outrage" with some common sense outrage of our own.