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The Infamous Unmasking

James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Samantha Power, Denis McDonough, and Joe Biden. What do all of these people have in common you might ask? The answer, other than all being a part of the Obama administration is that they all were part of a group of 16 people that received unmasked information on General Michael Flynn for a reason unknown to the public.

Yes, that General Michael Flynn, the one who just had all his charges dropped by the DOJ. On a side note, why isn’t Judge Emmet Sullivan letting the DOJ drop the charges and allow the process to go as smooth as it should, why is he allowing Amicus Briefs to be filed when they have no place in this case?

Back to the topic at hand, why is it important that members of the Obama administration received unmasking information of General Flynn? It turns out that the Obama administration had an ongoing intelligence investigation on General Flynn that had been taking place before the unmasking happened, one that was not predicated on any suspicious or illegal activity.

This sounds a lot like 4th Amendment territory doesn’t it? It might sound that way because by its very nature, this was an unreasonable search and seizure by a government entity on a citizen of the United States without probable cause of the individual committing or being a part of an ongoing crime.

With your civil liberties red flag already on alert, let me raise another point. Why, was General Flynn, who was tasked to be National Security Advisor to the incoming Trump administration at the time of the receipt of the information, unmasked, and information of that unmasking, received by 16 members of an outgoing executive administration, many of whom weren’t capable of investigating? It almost seems like political targeting by an outgoing administration in order to harm the incoming administration.

It couldn’t be, what I heard is that the Obama administration never had a single scandal!

With that only being a hypothesis though, your guess is as good as mine. The final major red flag that popped up from the unmasking news, is that the intelligence investigation into General Flynn ended on January 4, 2017, the day before the infamous Obama administration meeting which was done, “by the book” that involved many of the administration officials that had received the unmasked information. The dates and individuals involved seem far too connected to be a mere coincidence, but that is for you to draw your own conclusions.

However, I will say this, there is a reason why Libertarian’s believe there should be severe limits on Executive Administration Bureaucrats (EAB), if there should be any EAB's at all, and after finding out what we did today, their argument holds a lot of weight.

So, although the only crime committed that the public knows of so far, is that 1 of the 16 Obama officials leaked the contents of the unmasking to The Washington Post, this book hasn’t been written yet. According to sources, this is only the tip of the iceberg, chapter 1 of a novella, and the 1st inning of a 9-inning ballgame. Ladies and gentlemen, grab a hold of your seat belts, you’re about to embark on an adventure, so enjoy the ride as more information comes out.


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