The Inauguration That Wasn't

Signs are pointing to ‘President’ Joe Biden having a virtual inauguration. Bleachers that were set up to view the festivities from were taken down. The Inauguration Day parade has been cancelled. Many on the right think this is due to Biden and the Democrats being scared about bombshell evidence that Trump and Company are going to drop on January 6. They’re wrong (how many bombshells and Krakens have we been told to “wait for” and “trust”?).

What the Democrats are worried about is optics.

We all watched as Amy Coney Barrett’s Rose Lawn SCOTUS ceremony became an embarrassing super spreader event. In the days following the event Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, Mike Lee, and the President of Coney Barrett’s alma matter (Notre Dame) all tested positive for the WuhanChina Flu. President Trump did as well, requiring a short stay at Walter Reed Hospital. The Democrats do NOT want a repeat of this, and can not afford for some of their elderly key players to contract the virus.

Another fear from the optics angle is crowd size. We all saw how pathetic turnout was to Biden and Harris campaign events.

Even the viewership numbers from tv and live-streaming services for the DNC convention were blah. Joe Biden inspires and excites nobody. Kamala Harris is predominately viewed as fake and disingenuous. Maybe they saw no hotels being booked on Inauguration Day? By taking their inauguration virtual, Dems no longer run the risk of having a smaller crowd than President Trump did in 2016. We all know how important crowd size is to Trump and he would NEVER let them hear the end of it.

Lastly, there’s a very real chance of violence. A large number of Americans, myself included, view Biden as illegitimate. Millions of voters have had their faith in the election process shaken and are mad as hell. Now that they have a platform to network on without having to worry about being banned, the Proud Boys are starting to consistently show up at events to counter BLM/Antifa protestors. I have no doubt in my mind that the Proud Boys and Proud Boy wannabes would show up to a Biden inauguration and piss on their parade... possibly literally pissing on the parade.

So the DNC is going to pull the plug on a huge event in the name of public safety and claim the moral high ground.

I still expect photos will leak of D.C. inauguration parties where libs will be pictured maskless, arm-in-arm, and for none of them to receive the media ridicule that NYE guests at Trump’s Mar a lago did. That's the way the media works in the US, when you're a Dem - "they let you do it".