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The Importance of Cigars

Winston Churchill, Gen. George Patton, JFK, and Al Pacino.

All of these great men shared in an affinity for cigars. Rumors suggests that JFK had over 1,000 Cuban cigars imported secretly before the embargo.

Is this why the CIA killed him? We may never know…

To me, cigars allow a calming peace to overcome my mind.

You can’t rush smoking a stogie. If it burns too hot, it tastes bad and can burn you. My wife asks me how I can just sit there and do nothing. I say, it allows me to just sit here and DO nothing.

Is this how WW2 was won? Both Churchill and Patton won the war for the Allies. Did they spend their nights smoking and thinking? It definitely can’t be ruled out that cigars played a role in defeating the Axis powers.

Is there an actor cooler than Al Pacino in Scarface? I would say that Tony Montana is the coolest role that Al played. And what did he always have in that film?

You guessed it, a Cuban cigar.

Now, I’m not saying that you will be as cool as him, but you can be the coolest person on the block. There is a gentleman/lady look to enjoying a cigar. You will hold your head up just a tad higher, and your neighbors will envy you.

In my humble opinion, this is a mentally healthy vice. It helps me reflect on what has been going on in life and what the upcoming days are going to bring. Also, I feel pretty cool sitting on the end of my truck bed with a drink and smoke rolling off of my lips.

Also, call your mom or dad. They miss you.


Nov 01, 2023

Some of my favorite places are cigar bars. Deadwood Tobacco. Casa Fuentes.


Nov 01, 2023

Unpopular opinion: Cubans aren't necessarily better. The style and brand matter much more than the nation of origin. Other nations have caught up and, in some examples, surpassed the Cubans. A good Nicaraguan is better than a cheap Cuban.

It's just the facts that they're forbidden in the U.S., and coasting on their laurels, that give them cache. Don't believe me? Ask Cigar Aficionado. Their list of top cigars is sometimes topped by Cubans, but not always.

You think you sound sophisticated when you ask "Is that a Cuban?" or say "I like Cubans", but in fact you show that you don't know anything more than the most rudimentary stereotype.

See also German cars and French wine. Italian shoes, however,…

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