The Great Wuhan Psych-Out of 2020

Remember in March when we were told we needed to shut the country down and launch the economy into a deep recession, putting tens of millions of people out of work? We needed to forgo funerals, medical treatment, and religious gatherings so we could "flatten the curve" of the coronavirus?

Psych! You were never told that. The media never said that.

A lot of blue states were very bad at spreading the cases out, so it went from "flatten the curve" to "whoever gets it over with fastest wins". And for some reason, the media is extremely invested in pretending that Andrew Cuomo, the Butcher of Casa Tranquila, did a GREAT job. Here is Washington Post fact-checker, Glenn Kessler

Yes, flat like the media's boner for Andrew Cuomo. But there's something that looks awfully familiar about that shape. As an aspiring grapheologist, I've detected a possible match. Where have I seen that before?

Hold on a second. Zoom in. Enhance. Overlay.

My goodness! It's a match! The symbol of success has become the very thing they told us was worth shutting the country down to avoid. The shape of New York's graph is even worse than the warning graph they showed us to scare us into a lockdown.

But if this has shaken your faith in the media and in the experts, you are an ignorant rube. Here's Jake Tapper from the top rope!

...and landing flat on his nuts!

Pobre Jake. Note the date on the CNN story. A spike in cases came almost exactly 2 weeks after the mass demonstrations. What's the incubation period for corona again? If I remember correctly, it's more than 1 week but less that 3.

But, you see, it's like, Fox News' fault...or something...that people don't trust these experts. Great catch, Jake. They cheered on mass protests, they cheered on riots, they cheered on pride parades. But allowing people to go to church and small businesses to open is going to kill us all.

And this is all happening because Trump...did...something?

Hold on. Stelter's face looks familiar.

Zoom in. Enhance. Overlay.

My goodness!