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The Form of the Destructor Has Been Chosen

In 1984 on the roof of the 55 Central Park West a group of scientists were ask to choose the form of Gozer the Destructor. This weekend Washington Post Magazine made the choice for us all when they decided to do a cover story on former Georgia Gubernatorial candidate and Michael Strahan look-a-like Stacey Abrams.

And as you may have guessed Twitter had a lot of fun with it:

As The World Burnz immediately realized that this was the work of the Gozerians

Fortunately she was able to find a group of heroes to stop Gozer

And she also pointed out that the Post was making a "hero" out of someone who wouldn't concede her election:

Paige made this astute observation also regarding the politically idiocy of this profile:

This kind of meme work from Bobcat is why you should vote Bobcat in November:

NRSC Senior Advisor and former Senator Orrin Hatch staffer Matt Whitlock added his tribute:

Caeser Augustus got in on the fun with a little hockey action

Preeminent Civil War 2 Historian Dr Richard Harambe added this real life depiction of the Biden/Abrams ticket

and this one that, while hilarious, is offensive to both Darth Vader and Jake Lloyd's acting:

Davar Echad is definitely ready for professional sports to return and honestly I would love to see this match:

And this one of Ms. Abrams showing her true form

Even Chairwoman of the Senate Sloth Committee and Sponge Bob Super Fan Senator Weissmann got in on the fun:

Siraj Hashimi let it be known that the list was coming for WaPo:

Oh the humanity! Even Fred was getting in the game!

Baltimore Police Informant Fuzzy Dunlop added this epic piece:

Offensively High took an environmental approach to memeing

Bartleby put the blame straight where it belongs, on Disney:

In the end though the Cocaine Bear asked this poignant question

To which there is really only one correct answer wrong answer...

Because what we really have going on here is a WaPo magazine trying to make a star out a woman who's greatest accomplishment is losing a gubernatorial race in 2018 which was the best year the Dems are likely going to have. The idea of putting this woman, who has no experience outside of being in a state legislature, as the vice president to man who pretty much shows symptoms of mental decline (and whom many believe will make it an entire term) is ludicrous. But hell it's 2020 so we shouldn't expect more.

At least 2020 gives us lots of great material for memes