• Nero

The End is Nigh! (Whispers) it really isn't

On Tuesday we elect the leader of the “free world” in what is being dubbed by the press “The most important election of your lifetime” as if they don’t say that every election. This election, like every election, shouldn’t be important to you at all. All of this is so fucking stupid. Seriously if you are so wrapped up in politics that the election of either Donald “the Stable Genius” Trump or Joe “Lying Dogfaced Pony Soldier” Biden will save you from depression all I can say is…..

If the fact that these are the two options to lead the "free world" or the concept of the free world having a leader confounds and frustrates you that is acceptable

The mass insanity which tells us we need to have an elected leader and that person gets to tell us what to do is the greatest trick civilization ever played on humanity. How do any of you take this shit seriously? Honestly is it just because you are programmed to think government matters? The only reason this nonsense has any effect on you is because you let it and we have far too many in this world who let this shit affect them.

That we are currently living in a world where government action has ruined the lives of millions through economic shutdowns over virus that has to date killed .06 percent of the country’s population should prove how fucking useless government is. Yet there are far too many people out there who are going to vote for more government involvement. How does any of that make sense? Logically it obviously does not. The problem is that there are so many out there who are conditioned to see government as either the solution to or cause of their problems. Government has become the way for people to avoid taking personal responsibility for their lives sucking.

In the modern world government has replaced god as the cause of and solution to all of life's problems. We all know that the real cause and solution is….

This is why no matter the outcome of Tuesday’s election life will go on relatively unchanged. Sure there will be riots, there already are, sure people will be yelling and screaming about the results. One third of the country will be convinced the election was stolen, one third will feel that their lives will be bigly improved, and one third will wonder if Kim Kardashian’s hologram father is going to go back to practicing law.

Sadly this will not end anytime soon because people are unwilling or unable to take responsibility for themselves and others are more than willing to accept that responsibility in hopes of having some sort of permanence in the annals of history. Of course as we have all seen by the rush to erase history that is a fool’s dream as well. So the cycle will continue as humanity tries to find a way to avoid responsibility for itself.

So this is where we are. The most important election of our lives until the next one. Politics has become sport at this point with people cheering for their side and most of the time not even knowing why other than to….

Today the cons own the libs, tomorrow the libs own the cons, it’s just business. Civilization was a mistake and humanity will continue to suffer of its own volition as long as it continues. You can learn more about that on the “Let’s Get Metaphysical” Podcast. I shall leave you for the weekend with this final thought which is a best summation of humanity ever put to film.