The Dems Lived By The Sword, Now Dying By The Sword

The weapons the Democrats embraced to destroy Donald Trump are now taking them down, too.

The Democrats going into 2019 must have had a severe case of flop sweat. The economy was humming along. The unemployment rate was low with record employment for minorities. America was finally not only energy independent but also was beginning to export our energy to other counties. The foreign policy of the country was rooted in speaking softly but carrying a big stick while avoiding entanglements that could drag us into another war. In short, it seemed a lock for a second term for Donald Trump.

Democrats knew they really had nothing to counter with. They couldn’t point to any accomplishments of their own. The Mueller “collusion” investigation had failed to produce much and anyways it seemed like most Americans genuinely didn’t care about the inside beltway games being played by Democrats.

If 2019 was alarming, then 2020 must have been def con one. They had somehow managed to nominate a near octogenarian candidate that mumbled his ways through speeches making up words like “badakathcare” and “trunalimunumaprzure”. The candidate’s son had a history of drug abuse and dirty business deals around the world and these stories would need to be ruthlessly suppressed by media and tech allies. The nomination for the vice-president (a top-tier candidate she assured us) had dropped out of the presidential primary before even the first vote could be cast. This was not the varsity squad.

The Stars Align

Then fate threw the Democrats a life raft in the form of a virus that originated in China that would eventually sweep the world.

At first, the entire country took the threat seriously with both red and blue states shutting down to “slow the spread”. Trump’s administration began a program to create a vaccine which was met with scorn and derision from Democrats who said they would never trust a rushed vaccine. After a few weeks, red states slowly began to reopen even as the media cranked the covid fear porn to 11.

After a few months, it was pretty clear the divide was no longer about “the Science”. Red states had mostly opened up and life was resuming normalcy. However, in blue states, Democratic politicians realized they had the weapon they needed to finally bring down the dreaded Orange Man Bad.

It wasn’t just a virus that made young people sick and killed old people. They now had the ability to take down the booming economy through draconian and extended lockdowns. Shuttered restaurants laid off staff. Employees at businesses not deemed “essential” by the state lost their jobs.

They then began changing voting laws in the name of emergency powers. After all, these were extraordinary times! Ballot harvesting, mail in voting, unattended ballot drop off boxes - you name it. “Isn’t it worth it if it saves one life?” they asked? All the stops would be pulled out in the major blue cities.

And... it worked. The incumbent received 11 million more votes in 2020 than he received in 2016 (a remarkable achievement) but after a prolonged wait - Joe Biden was named the winner as the most voted for candidate in American history.

Frankenstein’s Monster Runs Amok

After vanquishing the Purveyor of Mean Tweets, the Democrats celebrated as they held a single digit majority in the House, a 50/50 Senate with the vice-president as the tie-breaker, and Biden in the White House. Rather than correctly viewing their downticket losses as a warning sign, they decided to interpret their win as a mandate to fundamentally change America.

Newspapers spilled ink on fanciful articles like this one at CNN titled “Joe Biden could be the most transformative president in 75 years”. Egged on by the legacy media, Biden’s team begin to drink the Kool-Aid. Rather than focusing on the issues the campaign ran on like putting covid in the rear-view, getting the economy back on track, and uniting the country - they instead started focusing on a very progressive agenda. Pre-k for all, forgiving student debt, nationalizing elections, free college, and a green new deal under the guise of infrastructure. Because - why not? Hadn’t the American public handed them a mandate?

What the administration should have done was begin asking their legacy media allies to cool it on the covid fear porn rather than letting them run unchecked. They should have begun quietly meeting with the CDC and Fauci and forming a coherent strategy to telegraph a united front against the pandemic. They should have been pulling every financial lever available to fight inflation rather than just dismissing it as “transitory”. Biden should have been giving speeches talking about “us” as a country and coming together to get life back to normal.

Instead, because this administration is staffed by absolute fucking idiots - they decided to slay unicorns.

COVID hysteria has parent’s vaccinating young children although the science shows it’s nothing more than a cold for most children. Teacher’s unions continue to keep schools closed in big cities even if its the poor that are most negatively effected. People stand in line in the cold for hours just to get a COVID test. If that isn’t mass formation psychosis, I don’t know what is.

Energy prices are up almost 30% from last year. Used cars and trucks are up almost 40%. Food rose 6%. Rent is up 4%. The Washington Post is writing articles on how to eat healthy while grocery shelves are bare even through the administration had crowed recently about the supply chain crisis being over.

All that on top of the fact that Biden promised to unite the country and instead uses some of the most divisive language we’ve seen since Hillary and Obama. Donald Trump always had individual targets like Rosie O'Donnell or Democrat politicians but be never vilified their voters. Biden, on the other hand, continues the long Democratic tradition of vilifying half the country. He’s fighting the “domestic terrorists” against his agenda like Hillary fought the deplorables and Obama fought the bitter-clingers.

You Reap What You Sow

These issues are most certainly going to drag down the Democratic party in the November midterms. Poll after poll shows the slide as not only Joe Biden but the whole Democratic party's’ favorability ratings continue their unending nose dive.

It’s amusing to think the very weapons the Democrats deployed to take down Donald Trump have now become uncontrollable by them. The Democrats squandered what genuinely should have been an easy W. The sad part is absolutely no one, on either side, will be better off for what’s come to pass.