The Decentralized World Approaches

Lately, I have been focused on the unraveling of our existing institutions, in my on-going series Wokeness Destroys All It Touches.

Maybe “unraveling” isn’t the correct word for it when that word is associated with very ominous overtones.

I don’t think we’re heading for a Mad Max, dystopian, dog-eat-dog, sort of world. Far from it.

It’s something you can see happening literally everyday in front of you.

Did you pay your cable bill last month or did you pay a subscription to Netflix or Hulu or another digital outlet?

Why do I pay for so much porn, when it's so freely available on the internet?

Did you get your news from the Washington Post or the New York Times or did you check your favorite podcasts and YouTube channels?

Did you check the Dow and the return on your dividend paying stock or did you check how your crypto is doing?

Did your kid or your neighbor’s kid go to a public school or did they go to a charter school or do homeschooling?

Did someone you know not do the “normal” four year college degree and instead get a job after completing an online learning certificate, or an internship, or trade school?

If you have an office type job, did you go into the office for work or did you sit down at your desk in your home?

Can you just STFU so I can meme instead of working?

These are what I have dubbed “The In-between Times” where we haven’t quite moved away from the old model and settled into the new ways that are going to take over. The culture is stuck in this mindset that the New York Times or National Review carries the same cultural heft as writers on Substack.

They don’t.

The culture pretends that Brian Stelter and the crew at CNN somehow moves the needle in our daily lives while they can’t even pull in one million viewers daily in a country of 330 million. The culture pretends that public schools and our universities are the pathway to success when they are fast becoming irrelevant.

The culture still pretends that Sunday morning political news shows matter.

They don’t.

Sorry, Stinkachu, we're just not that into you.

Corporate media, public schools, and Hollywood entertainment are all perfect examples of the old way of a centralized method of distribution where power is concentrated in the hands of a few. And for a time – it worked.

We trusted the elites in these institutions.

Journalists were seen as impartial and trusted to give us “just the facts”. Teachers and professors were there to instill critical thinking and knowledge to our children. Movies and TV could elevate and display the best parts about humanity or warn us about the worst of it.

The old guard is slowly dying out.

Sorry, Brandon, it's true.

Nothing has made this more clear to me than my recent work with blockchain. If you’re not aware of blockchain – it’s going to be the future of a great many things and mirrors our cultural shift away from central authority to a decentralized, more transparent future.

Blockchain is a way of recording information that makes it almost impossible to hack or cheat that information because it is not controlled by one authority. It’s spread out over millions of nodes and the information is available to anyone and everyone that wants it. Transactions on the blockchain are publicly approved and verified.

Originally, I thought AI was exciting.

Sorry, SexBot69000, I am into blockchain now!

This surpasses it.

The applications for it are endless. Do you want secure elections with clear records of voting that can be accurately traced? Blockchain. Do you want to have real-time, publicly auditable records of government spending?


Do you want accurate supply chain logistics for your company?


Honey, I think they want to chain us to blocks?!

It’s amusing because what got me interested in blockchain was NFTs which are just about the dumbest thing on the planet. An NFT is a non-fungible token which (in its current form) is used for exchanging digital pictures.

Babe, the ring is actually an NFT you can send to your friends.

I’m not joking. People pay real money for this nonsense.

Check out the Ether Orcs collection on OpenSea here. One ETH token is over $3000 dollars and these are going for ~1.5 ether tokens apiece.

As I’ve been combing through the blockchain world it struck me how something like an open ledger that is almost invulnerable to hacking, extremely secure, publicly available, and distributed over large networks in many ways mirrors are current societal shift as we move away from small and elite institutions that distribute information to the masses to a much more open and custom world where people choose their own sources of information and entertainment.

This world isn’t arriving - it’s already here. If you haven’t watched Russel Brand’s epic YouTube takedown on Hillary Clinton and the manufactured Russiagate conspiracy – give it a watch now:

This video got 2.5 million views in the first two days it was up. That happened while MSNBC and CNN are struggling to pull in one million viewers for an hour of their programming. Don’t tell me these antiquated dinosaurs still matter.

They don’t.

People don’t have to rely on an elite subset of the country to understand what’s happening in the news or to be entertained anymore. We have a huge amount of options to fill these needs. It’s one of the reasons why Biden’s administration has been in such a precipitous freefall recently.

Old, centralized media can’t spin hard enough when people have access to the truth through the new decentralized platforms made available via the internet.

Having decentralized platforms is one of the best ways of combating disinformation and it’s one of the reasons why the establishment promotes people like the fake Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen that promotes censoring and restricting the internet. Of course they want to censor the internet. They know what an active danger it is to them and their power.

They’re fighting a war they’ve already lost.

The future is here. It’s open. It’s decentralized.

And it’s the only way forward.