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The Day Silicon Valley Stopped Pretending; Started Censoring Literal News to Help Democrats

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Brian Stelter is a disingenuous hack who once blocked me for pointing out he's fatter than a Christmas goose on New Year's Day. So much for "Reliable Sources." Stelter also once whined about how we were going to see a chilling effect on public health because of the Trump administration somehow muzzling doctors and health experts. I know because he simpered about it in the tweet below.

No such chilling effect actually occurred.

Yesterday, however, a story broke from the New York Post showing that Hunter Biden quite literally sold himself, his father Joe Biden, the office of the Vice Presidency, and the security of the nation itself to the highest Ukrainian bidder. You can read about it by clicking here.

You couldn't share the link on Twitter or Facebook. An error message occurred.

Kayleigh McEnany got locked out of her account for sharing it.

It got the attention of multiple sitting Senators, most of whom are busy trying to confirm the Lord's judge.

It got legitimate reporters locked out of their communication methods just for posting memes about it.

As of writing this column, Facebook had not responded. However, Twitter was ready to do their best Bob Terwilliger impression and step right on that rake!

First off: Your rules don't seem to be very enforceable when a psychopath is running around doxxing random conservatives. So LOL git rekt.

Second off: Maybe don't leave your private information on an unprotected computer at a place you have no business or residence for months on end. I'm no Perry Mason, but I'm pretty sure if I just write my personal information on something and then leave it laying around in the park for a few months, I lost my right to privacy.

Third off: Again, definitely no Ben Matlock, but there's not really a right to commit felonies in privacy, and also maybe DON'T GO HANDING OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO DIRTY OLIGARCHS! Every drug dealer in Maxine Waters' congressional district knows about GoPhones. Why Hunter Biden seemed unaware of this is beyond me.

For all the cries about Orwellian tactics by Trump and the right, it's the left that always seems to vote in lock step, crush dissension, memory hole ideas, and change the rules midgame.

Twitter and Facebook can say whatever they want, this was blatant censorship of a story they didn't like, which kind of goes against the idea that they are a platform.

At least it backfired.

You see, nobody would have cared about this story if Big Tech had just left it alone. In fact, I yelled about that in the Flappr Chat literally yesterday morning as the story initially broke. And nobody did care. Until the Geeks stepped in.

One of the worst things our society has done is elevate these coding losers to such a high place in society. The reality of these tech people is that they were safe deposit boxes of genetic rumps and dead ends. Until the computing age, this socially incapable, emotional runts were the kinds of people we made live under bridges on the outskirts of town. Most of them act like freaks because they *are* freaks, and it's our fault for allowing them to exist so well off in society.

They're not capable of functioning as useful members of society, so it was hilarious to watch them fall on their faces yesterday. That's why they're so bad at this: Nature wants to genetic drift these clowns into a museum.

Big Tech is a blight on our society, and in fact on the soul of our nation itself.

Demand they be regulated. Damn my Libertarian leanings to Hell, these people need to be in gulags. But I'll settle for huge penalties and regulation that makes the tobacco business look like nothing.

The "Chill" has always come from the Left. And it's going to get worse. Universities are crumbling (good). The judiciary has been fundamentally transformed (good). Biden seems to be leading in polls, but nobody seems able to find actual Biden voters (good). These people are desperate.

Big Tech and their Freakshow Allies on the political left wanted a new Maoist China. That dream seems to be crumbling around them. Laugh at them. Spit on them. But do not forget to crush them. They are not your friends. They are not your countrymen. They are not to be forgiven or trusted. They are to be wiped from this nation, and from the Earth, lest we perish together.

Of course, for as mad as we should be at Big Tech, we should try to have a little grace for Hunter. Afterall:


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