The Day #AlexandriaOcasioSmollet Trended

Yesterday was one of those "fun" days on Twitter. This story actually began on Monday night, when AOC went on Instagram Live and revealed more of her personal "story" from January 6th during the Capitol Riots (which were very bad, stupid and resulted in people dying!):

In her livestream, she described a run-in she had with Capitol Police at HER OFFICE, which is located in the Cannon Building - but NOT the Capitol itself. The Cannon Building IS apart of the Capitol Complex, accessible through tunnels or via a six or so minute walk across the street, but it was not particularly close to where any of the rioting was ACTUALLY occurring. Yet, by AOC's account, she made it sound as if she was in immediate mortal danger from the rioting - going as far as to say she has been traumatized by the events and has accusing Ted Cruz and other Republican lawmakers of trying to have her "murdered".

On Wednesday morning, people on Twitter began to deconstruct her story a bit and realized that some of her story appears to be, PERHAPS, a little bit played up for effect. The tweet that seems to have set off the firestorm yesterday was this one from OANN News Dude, Jack Posobiec:

This exchange set off a chain reaction that led to #AlexandriaOcasioSmollet to trend for the majority of the afternoon. By the end of the evening, #AlexandriaOcasioSmollet was the top trending hashtag on Twitter, with over 136,000 tweets - including some amazing ones like these:

See, told you yesterday was lit.

Yes, must have been awful.

This is very inspired.

All of this is not to say that AOC was in NO danger on January 6th - there was a pretty angry mob storming the Capitol and she is a very high profile, progressive, Congresswoman. I think there is SOME credibility to her saying she felt scared that day - if she was found by the mob, some bad things COULD have happened (though I'm not convinced that they would've physically maimed her, since many looked like LARPers). The problem here isn't that AOC said she was frightened that day, it's that she (and virtually all other Democrats) has continued to use January 6th as the answer to basically anything and everything she wants or wants to punish. As a result, AOC's accounts of January 6th have had to become more serious and more dangerous as the days go on. She feels empowered to do this because she knows the media will not investigate her claims and will not hold her accountable.

If we had an honest (and we don't) they'd have looked into her statements on Instagram Live and given them the scrutiny they deserve. Instead, the media has seemed more interested in helping "heal her pain" rather than dissecting whether or not her claims are true (including a suggestion that Capitol Police might have been a part of a conspiracy to do her harm). That's bad!

So, when the media and journalists abdicate their duties - people on Twitter step up and do their work for them. And for someone like AOC, who seems like she might value her celebrity status more than her congressional duties, yesterday must have been particularly brutal. I think she'd rather lose her congressional seat than get criticized on Twitter and yesterday she was pilloried with memes mocking her "trauma."

I'll leave you with some additional bangers from yesterday:

Hey, that's us!

Poor thing.

Makes sense, tbh.



Lordy, these are good.


Happy Thursday, folks. God Bless America.