The Cruelty Is The Point

The corporate media truly are the enemy of the people.

Now this might sound like hyperbole to one or two of you who have resisted the red pill and somehow still believe that there MUST be a reasonable explanation for all the stories the media has gotten wrong, the incendiary rhetoric that fueled the destruction of our cities and those fact checks that seemingly always favor one side over the other.

To the rest of us, you already know the truth of my initial statement. In fact, when you read it, there is a better than likely chance that the hairs on your arms stood on end.

"my evil journo sense is tingling"

This is because you know that there are no lines that journos won't cross, there are no standards that journos won't break, there is no depth to their unrelenting desire to ruin the lives of people with heterodox views.

So while you may have been upset when you learned that journos used hacked personal information to badger private citizens who made donations to the Canadian trucker's convoy - you weren't surprised by this behavior.

Now, the average journo is smart enough to cloak themselves in "mUh NeWsWoRtHiNeSs", but we all know that someone from the Washington Post isn't going to spam out messages to a list of hacked BLM donor e-mail addresses.

In fact, I think we all know that if Fox News, Breitbart or the Free Beacon had done the same, Brian Stelter would be on CNN literally sobbing over the people that Right Wing Media had just sentenced to death.

There is no newsworthiness as to why a random accountant from Boise, Idaho donated to group of truckers protesting (peacefully) against mandated vaccinations. The only reason to target people on this list of donors is because of who they are (conservatives, most likely) and the reason they donated (most likely a building frustration with of the media supported biomedical security state).

No, this has nothing to do with journalism, this has everything to do with sending a message. Or, more specifically, sending THIS message to anyone who might have considered aligning or affiliating with a group or cause other than those specifically sponsored by your media betters: you better think twice, because if we find out, we might send someone to your proverbial front door and make an example out of you.

It's called the chilling effect, it works magnificently, and it's the reason why so many of us choose to remain anonymous online.

Put a different way, in a week where it was revealed that a Clinton campaign attorney may have abused privileged internet data to try and instigate an investigation of a sitting president, the media chose to contact your boomer uncle for donating $50 to own Libs.

The cruelty is the point.

It's why the media says the word "freedom" is now associated with the far-right groups.

It's why watching Tucker Carlson means you're a bigoted, anti-vaxxer, insurrectionist.

The media needs to associate any and all perceived threats with the taint of "far-right extremism" to make listening to someone like notable nerd, Ben Shapiro, tantamount to attending a Klan rally (yes, I understand the irony of that statement).

The media pre-emptively "otherizes" people and ideas to deter the average person from listening to Joe Rogan, being exposed to a different point of view and coming to a conclusion other than the narrative pushed by CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times.

Think about it - after all that's been reported over the past month, how many of you would be comfortable telling your co-workers that you're an avid listener of the Joe Rogan Experience?

At minimum, I bet you'd think twice about your audience before telling people you like a podcast hosted by that misinformation guy who used the "n-word".

And that's the point, not to inform you, but to make you scared, to make you submit, to smother the voices of those who would dare challenge the wisdom of the ivory tower hivemind.

So yeah, I think the media are the enemy of the people. Not because Donald Trump told me so, but because they're willing target innocent private citizens to stomp out "wrong think" (while ignoring or downplaying ACTUAL dangerous or bad behavior by people with power, so long as they're properly aligned).

They don't want to help. They're not your friend. They're the enemy of the people, a title well earned.