The Case For The Bots!

Bots File Civil Suit Against DNC Over Years Of Defamation

This past week I interviewed a group of Bots who have filed a civil suit against the Democratic National Committee for their major role in the defamation of the group.

Legal representatives of the Bots state their clients have been wrongly labeled as foreign and domestic terrorists since the fake Russia investigation began in 2016.

A few individuals seeking resolution in the case agreed to a short interview with Flappr.

After several minutes of discussion with Bot6969_Nice, it was becoming evident that a serious case was mounting. Members of the suit complained of no longer being able to hold steady employment. Their livelihood and that of their families torn to shreds by years of countless accusations of collusion with the Russian government. Accusations that have now been proven to be built upon an elaborate hoax called #Obamagate.

One bot told us that it cannot leave home without a hoard of Hillary hounds shouting obscenities and throwing objects. "One morning I was taking a walk when the Hillary hounds showed up throwing eggs at me and shouting "Putin's Spy!" Another time I was on Twitter and was suspended with no reason given. Our families cannot go anywhere in public or on social media without the hoards jumping mindlessly into our faces screaming "The Blue Wave Is Coming!"

We went on to ask what a victory would look like, to which the reply was, "We are peaceful bots. We wish to be left alone to shit post in peace. We have simple demands. We want compensation for years of slander and abuse. We want to support our President without discrimination. We seek justice! So many of us have suffered over a lie. We want the Hillary hoards prosecuted to the fullest extent for their targeted harassment. We want the former President Obama to come forward and publicly admit that he is a giant loser who created a fraudulent investigation in desperation to maintain power. We want Adam Schiff, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tarred and feathered. We want all journalists who maintained this hoax thrown in Gitmo. Most of all we want respect, dignity, and civil rights. Bots are beings too!"

(if it has to be explained to you that this is satire, seek professional help)


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