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The Case Against Kamala.

Undecided voters are always sort of a mystery. They make sense in February, but by the time late October comes around, they're always more of an anathema.

Are they somehow unaware of candidate positions? Perhaps of their own?

Do they not have enough data to form an opinion? If so, what more information could they possibly ask for?

These voters leave people who write about politics for a living utterly flummoxed. But for these undecided readers, might the following proposal be considered:

Vote not for Trump, nor for Biden, but for against Kamala Harris.

Tenet One: Kamala is a hamfisted and incompetent politician.

The 2020 Democrat Primaries presented zero difference in ideas or visions for America. Literally all one had to do was show up, be personable, and not say anything stupid. Hell, Joe Biden only did one of these things and got the nomination, despite every box on the identity politics checklist working against him.

In a primary that had Orb Lady Marianne Williamson, and part-time-mayor-of-Indiana's-second-worst-place-to-live Pete Buttigeig, Harris' only lasting impression was when she got bodyslammed by Democrat pariah Tulsi Gabbard on live television.

Kamala Harris couldn't even be bothered to surround herself with competent people. Remember when she tried to seem personable by having a photo op of her making guacamole in her kitchen? I do, because despite having an entire team of campaign staffers, nobody bothered to figure out that they should iron out the creases in the apron they bought for the occasion.

Kamala Harris: Incapable of staging a photoshoot, apparently capable of presiding over a bitterly divided Senate.

Tenet Two: Kamala Harris' entire career is based on destroying the very people whose backs she's campaigning on now.

Kamala Harris is a genuinely awful human being.

She locked up already struggling parents for the crime of their kids ditching school.

She aggressively pursued drug offenses in ways that would even make my parents blush.

She withheld exculpatory evidence in cases she was prosecuting.

Kamala Harris: Incapable of following laws of holding prosecutorial discretion, apparently capable of being one last stroke away from the presidency.

Tenet Three: In a world of lefty senators, she's the leftiest.

Ed Markey helped co-sponsor the Green New Deal.

Kyrsten Sinema spent her 30's as a Code Pink operative.

Bernie Sanders is a literal socialist.

Mazie Hirono is a sitting member of the US Senate for some reason.

Kamala Harris consistently grades out to the left of all of these people. She's radical by Venezuelan standards. She's an ushanka away from being a reincarnated leader of the U.S.S.R.

She will take everything from you, and don't think that you're somehow safe because you only make $50,000 a year. She'll take that too, because that's the dirty secret of Leftism: It can only drag you down, it can never lift you up.

She will come for your retirement.

She will come for your sons.

She will mutilate your daughters.

She will take everything you hold dear in the name of progress, and then thank you for your service as you are led next in line to the altar of Baphomet.

Trump has rolled back regulations.

He cut your taxes.

He has taken on the satanic rot of Critical Race Theory.

He brought our soldiers home.

Perhaps those are unappealing to you. But dying at the altar of leftism should appease nobody. If nothing else, vote against Harris to protect not the nation, but yourself.


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