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The Britney Spears Article Nobody Requested About The Britney Spears Petition Nobody Requested

What a stupid time to be alive.

Actions like this aren’t helpful. Frankly, they’re Toxic.

When I wrote the article on statues last week, there was a Piece of Me in that article. And petitions like this only serve to make people take real issues less seriously. It’s frustrating.

So, I Wanna Go somewhere different this this short, pithy response. I beg of you, please stop.

We live in a time where the Supreme Court is literally killing people, so I've been told every June for the last 3 years. And reading the discourse is impossible. It’s like an online game of S&M.

I’ll Scream and Shout these kinds of thoughts Till The World Ends. The statues need to be replaced. I know that. Everyone who chooses to approach the situation with a nod to their historical value knows that. But the discussion needs to be serious. We must find men and women from the same time period to lionize instead, lest we try to wipe out all memory of an era so important to America, and to the world.

Behaving in this way only helps to further the Circus atmosphere our society has taken on. (You Drive Me) Crazy with frustration when you can’t understand the difference between a serious issue and a silly idea.

From The Bottom of My Broken Heart, let me Break The Ice on this topic. When you suggest something like this in the public square, we are forced to take it seriously. To give it time. To treat it as if it has merit. We must do this for even the silliest of ideas, like this one, and it detracts from real, productive, substantive discussion.

I hope you don’t Hold It Against Me that I can’t take these people seriously. They act in bad faith.

So read this, Baby, One More Time, and realize I’ve treated this idea with the seriousness it deserves.


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