The Bill For Virtue Signaling Has Come Due


Yes, you read that correctly.

I think Lia Thomas, the trans-female athlete who just won the NCAA Women's Championship in the 500m Freestyle (beating TWO U.S. Olympians in the process) is doing a great service to the country.

Why? It's not because I support the inclusion of biological men into female sports, quite to the contrary - I think the entire concept to be complete and utter fucking lunacy.

No, I think Lia Thomas is important inflection point because, like most things in life, people need to suffer through the consequences of their decisions in order to see the error of their ways.

Too many Americans blindly choke down the narratives fed to them by the media. Too many believe they must adhere to the hivemind, lest not be on the "RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY". Too many are willing to other people who are courageous enough to stand as a bulwark against the alphabet agenda.

Too many of the people mentioned above are college educated, liberal, white women who shriek activist bullshit, like this:

"Trans-women are women!"

"There are no differences between men and women!"

"Trans erasure is violence!"

So it's good for them to get a taste of the end product for all of their self-interested virtue signaling. It's good for these AWFLs to experience real erasure. It's good for the independent, don't need no man, Girl Bosses to get slapped with a dose of reality when it comes to the differences between men and women.

Let's see how that's going for them:

I am proud of the three ladies for making a statement with this photo. But if we're being honest, given the climate on college campuses - if they weren't the ones being affected by this issue, these women would likely be the ones shrieking at people and calling them transphobes.

What's even more humorous - I'm not sure Lia is even giving a best effort in these competitions. In fact, one of Lia's own teammates suggested as such back in January.

Maybe it's the hormone suppressors or whatever Lia is taking or maybe Lia is taking it easy on the competition, but consider this - back in 2019, while swimming in the Men's Ivy League, Lia (then Will) posted a personal best of 4:18.72 (good for 2nd place in the Ivy League, but he did not qualify to compete in the NCAA Championships).

Yesterday, Lia won the NCAA Championship, in the same event, with a time of 4:33.24 (a time that Will crushed back in high school). To be honest, I'm no swim expert (dumb "sport", imo) but that seems fishy to me.

"Lol, why do you guys swim so slow."

You don't need a degree in anatomy (or any education at all) to understand what you've seen and known your entire life - men, on average, are bigger, stronger and faster than women (and in many cases, comically so).

When you put an average male in a physical competition with an average female, then male will win. The net difference in physical ability is multiplied when you get to the elite levels of a given sport.

And yet, for the better part of the past ten years, we've seen the push for trans-inclusivity, which requires you to completely ignore literal fucking reality.

Very similar to the way the country needed to experience progressive governance to understand why progressive governance is disastrous (Biden net approval rating currently -14%) - the country needs to witness Lia Thomas dominate biological women, to realize that they can, in fact, trust their lying eyes.

If women, college educated ones in particular, choose to stand up for themselves and the little girls that will grow up with even greater challenges, then they will find me as an ally.

If not, well. . . I hope all the virtue signaling was worth the squeeze.

Happy Friday and God Bless America.