The Biden Buyer's Remorse is Real

Yesterday, The Drunk Republican graced the pages of Flappr with his conservative perspective on how bad the Biden administration has performed thus far. Yes, we think he's been somehow worse than even WE had expected. It turns out, we are not alone.

Biden voters themselves are experiencing buyer's remorse and it's been particularly . . . fulfilling to watch them begin to appreciate what people on the right knew along. Mostly, that Biden is swamp rat and is governing like a swamp rat would govern. The disappointment was more palpable than usual last night, as it was reported that the Biden admin approved airstrikes against Iranian backed militias in Syria:

It's almost like people forgot how the Obama administration operated (more likely, they never knew how they operated because the media refused to report on them). This is EXACTLY what these people voted for - a guy who is going to make a lot of promises, divide our country with woke rhetoric and drone strike others in the middle east.

Thankfully, we are not alone in our opposition to these airstrikes, in fact, current Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, has a very strong opinion on the use of military force without congressional approval:

Oh, wait . . . that was in April of 2017. I wonder if her opinion will change when she's asked about THIS drone strike. For some reason, I think her opinion might change.

I'm sure Kamala Harris has been intellectually consistent on this issue as well. She must have supported when the Trump administration took out Qasem Soleimani, right?

Oh, that's weird . . . I wonder what changed?

At least we can rely on Joe Biden to be a man of his word, right? I mean he wouldn't flip-flop on a position . . . right?

So on one level, seeing these tweets is a fantastic dose of schadenfreude, but ultimately, that's a pyrrhic victory. We don't really "WIN" when we sit back and laugh at others suffering the consequences of their choices. We can enjoy this guilty pleasure, but we should also use these opportunities to try and convert people to our point of view. Namely, we should want congress to act and revoke a President's power to unilaterally launch attacks like this overseas.

This should be a bi-partisan issue, congress has ceded too much of its power to the Executive Branch and we should want them claw some of that authority back. What we are seeing right now is a country run by Executive Order, where there are huge shifts in policy depending on who sits behind the Resolute Desk. That's not how our government was designed to function. Likewise, if a President wants to launch missiles in a foreign country - that President should require approval of Congress. Yes, that applies to Republican presidents too.

I'm not optimistic that we will see Congress act in this manner, mostly because making a decision, taking a vote and standing behind that vote is politically risky. This is untenable for most of the current members of Congress, who seem more interested in becoming celebrities than they do in governing.

Oh well. . . at least I can point and laugh.

Happy Friday and God Bless America.