The Best of Bernie Sitting Memes

Yesterday was a weird day, as Joe Biden took the oath of office in front of a sparse crowd and a bunch of flags. Lady Gaga wore a weird ass bird brooch, Garth Brooks showed up and didn't sing all that well, J-Lo did J-Lo things and Bernie Sanders just sat there in a huge parka, huge wool mittens and a scowl behind his standard, no-frills, light blue surgical mask.

He just sat there in the most Bernie Sanders way possible and the internet loved him.

It was kind of a fun distraction on a day many people were extremely pissed off and/or scared for what's to come. So, let's recap some of the best "Bernie Sitting" memes from around the internet"

This would've been the funniest thing Al Franken ever did.

People from Chicago get this one and it's perfect.

Hey, that's one of mine (shameless self-promotion)!

Feel like Bernie might have went to high school with some of theses dudes.

The GOT writers really got lazy towards the end.

Hey there is another one of mine (shameless self-promotion x2)!

Oh. . . kinky.

Haven't they already done enough to Bernie?

Poor guy just wanted some pudding.

Enjoying the view.

Does anyone know where Bernie was a few weeks back?

Bernie possesses very strong "get off my lawn" vibes.

Oh, wow, another one of mine (shameless self-promotion x3).

As much as Bernie is a finger-wagging, socialist, annoying, radical, loony who never worked outside of government - you do have to respect just how much he DGAF about how he looks. Old dude just throws on whatever is comfy and goes about his day. It's probably the only relatable thing about the guy.

Enjoy your day.