The Bear's Gambit

The Lib of the House and I recently finished watching “The Queen’s Gambit” on that pedophilia streaming media site Netflix recently. No, I haven’t canceled my subscription because frankly the blowup it would have caused with the Lib wouldn’t have been worth it. (Maybe I should sit down with her and watch “Cuties”? I haven’t watched it fully so I don’t know – maybe it’s not as bad as clips I’ve seen and maybe it would horrify her and swing her to my side? Let’s save this subject for another day.) Anyways, the show is about a girl that has an innate ability to play chess well. It’s enjoyable although not particularly memorable in any way but it’s a decent hour of entertainment at the end of a long day when I just want to relax.

I learned to play chess in middle school when I was 11 years old. My good friend had a beginner’s chess board and every piece had its name and the move it could make written on the base of it. I would spend the night and we ate wafer cookies and played chess. (Yes, I was and still am a huge nerd.) Chess was beautiful to me for both the simplicity and the complexity of it. It was simple because each piece had very simple rules to it. I could move my knight in a certain way, or my rook, or my bishop. The moves the pieces could make were extremely simple and easy to learn. However, the strategy to it was divine! We tried to limit our time to three minutes maximum to devise our next move. A game could easily last two hours. In college, another good friend and I would drink and get high and play two or even three games of chess until 4 am. Chess is all sorts of fun.

Queen's Gambit?

The Queen’s Gambit is one of the oldest opening moves in chess. I’ll try not to bore you with the details but white (which always plays first – I know, like, totally systemic racism or something.) moves a pawn two spaces up and is countered by black (argh so racist that I didn’t capitalize the b! And Black moves second? Fuck your racism.) with the same move. Then white moves a pawn up next to the other totally racist white pawn. This is simply an attempt to sucker black (seriously, this game was invented in 1942 by the Nazis, I think.) into taking the pawn which will eventually allow white to free up a bishop, take some more pawns, and finally allow the queen to cause general bedlam (yes, I actually used the word “bedlam”)

What makes the Queen’s Gambit great is it lures the opponent into a trap. Something that should be simple like taking a pawn suddenly becomes a situation where the queen is free to make aggressive moves (still racist but at least not patriarchal, right? Woman power!) In chess, you lose when your king gets taken (ok, total patriarchy). Arguably, Donald Trump is the king in this situation. But this is real life. It’s messy and we don’t have any hard and fast rules. So, I’m proposing the Bear’s Gambit. If no fraud is found and we’ve lost the presidency - what do we do? We let it go and we let it go quietly. No screaming about stolen elections. No crying like a lib that our President is gone. We simply move on because we’ve focused on the endgame. And sometimes, you have to lose something important to gain something even bigger.

Cocaine Bear looking to get on some rails. Am I right?

Now, I’m sure at this point you’re like “Bear has gone off the rails” and not the good kind of rails that are white (drugs are racist) and you ingest through the nose. Hear me out! The mainstream media was not doing well before Donald Trump came along and it still isn’t doing that great. Outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN had really awful ratings and subscriptions. Their clicks and views are going to disappear when Orange Man Bad is gone. What news will they have to report? They won’t investigate anything the Biden administration does. They’ll never criticize anything they do. Who will they argue is at fault for the “systemic racism” during a Biden administration? Who will they blame for virulent sexism when the House is run by Democrats? Kids in cages won’t be a thing anymore. Sexism, racism, and covid will disappear. The news is going to be very slow. Without all those sweet money making clicks and views the media will start to disappear. It’s already over-stretched with Orange Man Bad. It might take a year or two but the layoffs are coming eventually.

GOP Freshman Class...Sooooo hot!

When the media finally starts dying that benefits the conservative movement because they are a bullhorn screaming in people’s faces “Conservatives are bad!”. They are starting to lose that power of convincing people. Trump increased the number of people that voted for him by millions in spite of the media with four years of the most negative, hateful, and downright deceptive coverage of a president that we’ve ever seen. The media told us a blue wave was coming and Republicans gained seats in the House and most likely will keep the Senate. Just think about what we can do when the media isn’t a force like it is now. When we can get our message out and it isn’t countered with the media narrative like it is now – just imagine how many minds we can change.

The Flappr Editorial Board completely stans Governor Noem

This election was the largest majority of minority voters to vote Republican since 1960. 23 female Republican House members were elected and 13 of those were new to the House. We’re starting to see a wall falling. The idea that Republicans are for old, white men is dying. We’re making in-roads with people that 10 years ago just wouldn’t have been possible. Kristi Noem represents the future of the party – not Mitt Romney. We need people that will stand up and fight. Romney is a sad vestige of what the party was when I wanted nothing to do with Republicans.

This election was a huge win for Republicans and a complete repudiation of the left. We gained a governor. No state houses flipped and I’m not positive but we may have even flipped one. We gained House seats. We’ll most likely keep the Senate. When we have 27 or 28 state governments and they redraw the house districts we’re going to wipe out the House Democrats in 2022. If Biden won, who cares? We destroyed them everywhere else.

Peter Leyden wrote an article in 2017 titled "California Is the Future of American Politics". Give it a read. The hubris and arrogance is amazing. If his premise is true that California is the future they are in big, big trouble. California voters absolutely demolished far left propositions this year. Prop 16 that would have allowed you to legally discriminate based on race lost. Prop 22 that would allow the gig economy to flourish won. Prop 21 that sought to expand rent control lost. Prop 15 that sought to overturn limits on annual property tax increases lost. Prop 25 that would have ended the cash bail system effectively allowing criminals to just be released lost. The leftists are losing.

Let’s keep finding and putting forth conservative populists and we’ll retake the House in 2022 and we’ll retake the Presidency in 2024. And next time, we won’t have the lying, disgusting news media to contend with in the same fashion like we’ve had to do the last four years. When conservative opinions are compared with their progressive counterpoints it’s not a contest. Americans despise progressive-ism with it’s identitarian race based politics.

We may have to lose the king to win something much bigger.