The Bear Recommends - Call of Duty: Warzone

In my last piece that I wrote on Saturday, I said I was done writing about the election and would be transitioning away from politics to subjects like food, travel, music, and entertainment. The reason for that is because I’ve realized that it’s not sustainable. It’s corrosive to the soul to keep analyzing and repeatedly brow beating on about the same few subjects repeatedly. It’s also too easy to put yourself into a feedback loop that you can’t escape from. (“Why, of course, the election was stolen!”) Eventually, you’ll be miserable and crazy out on your soapbox trying to convince non-believers that the end is nigh as they stroll past thinking “Oh, good lord – please don’t let this person try and touch me.”

Tim Pool followed up on those thoughts yesterday in a segment and took the idea even further by pointing out it’s bad to focus on one thing while only being reactive but we also need to be pro-active going forward. For too long, the right complains about what the left has been doing and… well, that’s about it. We complain and complain without taking the steps that can make real changes other than going and voting every couple of years. I think Tim makes a good point about us becoming the old people that just sit around complaining about what we don’t like rather than talking about what we enjoy. So I’m going to continue to step away politics with only the occasional big toe being dipped in that water.

All that being said - Call of Duty: Warzone (a free to play first person shooter that’s cross platform on X-Box, Playstation, and Windows) is my favorite video game I’ve ever played and this is coming from someone that used to spend hours in the dungeons of World of Warcraft. The Lib of the House knows full well when she hears some insane cackling coming from behind my office door that I just got some epic kill and will most likely be out in a few minutes so I can tell her all about it. I’m a very simple man.

I actually started playing this game up for the first time mid-year and at first I was just extremely frustrated with it. I kept getting turned into swiss cheese and as I often do when I’m feeling helpless and inept in a video game I lashed out and said it must be the dirty little cheaters playing the game with aimbots on full auto. I actually quit playing for a little bit but I kept thinking about the game because parts of it so enjoyable that I decided to have a look at some strategy guides. There are literally thousands of hours of YouTube videos that if you just enter “Warzone, how to get better” that you could be there for a couple of years watching tips and strategies from Twitch streamers that are there to just there to break down the game play.

Honestly, part of the problem was that I only play solo squads and I literally never talk to anyone and I was an extremely low-information player. The game was designed to be a group activity and you’re supposed to ask teammates questions. As soon as I started picking up the basics from videos I started racking up kills and surviving much later in games. I never used to pick up contracts or scavenger runs because I didn’t know exactly why I should be earning money to pick up a loadout when I thought I was just supposed to loot everything in the game. Now I’m unlocking new operators and doing research on new guns as I start thinking about what type of gun is good for each situation. I now regularly swap out from a shotgun or short machine gun for encounters in buildings to a scoped assault rifle or even a sniper when I’m crossing fields or pushing on a city block.

The strategy in the game is really fun and I’ve learned that ceasing to move will get you killed almost automatically unless you’ve got some boobie traps setup. In a building, I’ll lay down some fire, jump out a window, and rotate back around to another door to try and flank an unsuspecting opponent or at least surprise them a little. In open air distance combat I’ll make sure to try and have a hill or some cover so that I can go prone before escaping in a building or even grabbing a nearby vehicle to drive off if the enemy is holed up in a building. If they are open air, then I try and go after them and run them over.

It’s really been enjoyable to pick up the game again. Part of the reason I always play solo squads is I thought I would anger other people on a squad if some total noob dropped in and that could always happen but I keep hearing most people will actually teach you how to interact in a squad properly. So it will definitely be the next part of my playing this game as I get better. If you’re looking for something fun to play – pick it up. You might like it after you get through the initial learning curve.