That Time Biden Joked About Indian Accents Inside Dunkin and 7Eleven

Joe Biden and the Prime Minister of India in 2013

There is the standard that Liberals hold for you and me and then there is the standard that they hold for themselves. I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that the standard by which they hold themselves is significantly lower and malleable than the standard they require you maintain.

Take for example this clip from 2008 from Democrat Presidential Nominee Joe Biden that is currently making the rounds on social media:

Yeah, he makes a pretty weird, race based statement here in his 'Ol Uncle Joe way. It doesn't even make sense, really - "You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent." What does that mean, that you need an Indian accent to speak with the people who work there? That they won't understand what you're saying? It is incoherent word salad that has gotten away with his entire career.

That's all somewhat of a digression away from my main point of today. We all know that Liberals would DESTROY a republican who uttered the same words, even if they were from 12 years ago. We know the media would hyper-exaggerate what appears to be an attempt at some light-hearted banter. We know there is a double standard, we see it every day.

What I really wanted to highlight here is what his statement represent back in 2008 and what we all seem to can't appreciate any more - the United States is a fucking awesome place. What Joe Biden said was really cringeworthy and stereotypes Asian American business owners. He shouldn't have said what he said, but he probably backed into one a great compliment about our country. Implicit in Biden's words is the notion that Asian immigrants own and operate an overwhelming majority of Dunkin Donuts and 7Eleven franchises in the United States. From my experience, living in the Midwest, that's undeniably true (90% of Dunkin Donuts franchises in Chicago were owned by Indian/Pakistani immigrants according to this article from 2003). And guess what, that's fucking awesome. The idea that immigrants want to come to this country, take a big risk, invest their time and energy, provide a service to their communities in effort to try and establish something for themselves and their families is among the best compliments a nation can receive. The company, founded in Boston by the son of two Jewish Immigrants, doesn't discriminate based on the race/ethnicity as to whom it will grant/sell a franchise - it wants to make money and it will do business with anyone who wants to do the same. People of all backgrounds see each other in Dunkin locations all over the country and treat each other with dignity and respect. The system isn't perfect, but it's much closer to perfect than it is irreparably broken - despite what every one (media) might say and how people (media) want you to feel.

Ok, so America isn't PERFECT.

We know what the media will ignore a clip like this from Biden, we know the Trump campaign (perhaps rightly so) will use this clip as a cudgel to expose the double standard for which the Democrats maintain. We know that's going to happen, it's all that happens lately. Maybe instead of allowing yourself to view things through the typical lens, take a step back and think about what these things. America has issues, but it's certainly NOT the awful place that everyone wants to make it out to be. It's a place that immigrants want to come to and open a business, make you some fried fucking circular dough and sell it to you with a coffee. This happens all over this country EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not because we're an awful place, but because we're a wonderful one.

Keep your head up, America.


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