Texas Democrats Take Worst Road Trip Ever

What the hell is going on in Texas right now? There seems to be a lot to unpack here, so I'll do my best to try and explain it using my midwit brain.

Essentially, some like 50 state Democratic lawmakers fled Texas (literally LEFT the state) yesterday in an effort to prevent the GOP-controlled State Legislature from passing election reforms. Under Texas law, the state houses cannot transact business unless and until there is a quorum present - so these Democrats have fled the state to (temporarily) prevent this election reform bill from passing. More than anything, it looks like a big publicity stunt and a pathetic one at that.

Here are some of them, all maskless, taking a private bus to a private airport, to board a privately chartered airplane, with a case of Miller Lite in tow:

Here are most of them, maskless, on a privately chartered airplane (who paid for this?), about to fly to Washington D.C., to protest or something:

Here they are today, attempting (and failing) to sing "We Shall Overcome", for some reason, during a press conference:

Not only is this a complete and utter dereliction of their duties, not only is this an example of rank hypocrisy on the part of Democrats and their allies in the corporate media, this looks like the absolute WORST road trip ever.

I mean, if you're going to skip out on work - why would you choose to take a road trip with your co-workers? You have to see these people almost every day, smell the stinky ass food they put in the microwave (really James, leftover salmon, again?), listen to them complain about their gout and why their youngest son is a total and absolute fuck-up (I'm sure he'll grow out of it, Joe!). You don't play hooky and then travel with this crew:

I can promise you that Texas Democrat, Senfronia Thompson, would much rather be spending her free time with her family or with her girlfriends - not with some dorky looking dweeb, unironically wearing a shirt embroidered with his name.

"I could be at the casino with my girls, instead I'm stuck with THIS loser.

It doesn't end there, these Democrats have been posting all sorts of cringey shit since abdicating their duties. Look at this guy pretending like literally ANYONE outside of his family and MAYBE 1% of his constituents would recognize him walking down the street in his own district, let alone in DC:

Quick, name your state representative. Exactly, you can't (which is a whole different problem, since you should care WAY more about what's happening in your community than what is happening in DC).

But Gene wasn't finished - he posted this doozy earlier today:

You're telling me that these imbeciles chose to flee the State (like cowards) and they're eating cafeteria food? You idiots are in DC, you took a private plane! Go somewhere like The Palm, get a Bone-In Rib Eye and a whiskey sour! No, instead this dude went and got himself the most pathetic looking Caesar Salad I've ever seen. It doesn't even look like there is any chicken in there! And is that container biodegradable? It'd better be.


So what's in this bill that is SOOOO bad that it caused these Texas Democrats to flee the state? Well, it basically reverts election laws back to pre-pandemic standards, adds ID requirements to mail-in voting, bans "drive-thru" voting, puts limits on the hours for early voting on Sundays, makes it easier to overturn elections based on fraud and prohibits election clerks from mailing out absentee ballots unless specifically requested by the voter. All in all, there is some stuff in there that I think is a bit of an overreach, but it's NOT Jim Crow 2.0 and it's not disenfranchising anyone who wants to vote.

Don't take my word for it, I am NOT an election law expert (thank God) go research the bill (and what's actually IN the bill) and decide for yourself. Here, I've even hunted down the link for you.

All that aside, the Republicans control the State Legislature in Texas, they have the votes to pass this bill and a Governor ready to sign it - that's how democratic republics operate, like it or not. What the Texas Democrats have done here is abandon the legislative process and deploy a de-facto filibuster to prevent the passage of a bill, which we've been reliably told is akin to, again, Jim Crow 2.0 (Jim EAGLE, even).

Given the standards that our media has set on the issue of the filibuster (which suspiciously echo DNC talking points) I'm sure that our brave, freedom fighting journalists, are lock-step in their repudiation of using a de-facto filibuster to deny the will of the majority, right? RIGHT?

Oh . . . right.

Oh . . . right.

Oh . . . right.

Well, there you have it, folks. . . . it's not filibustering, its FLEEING, not wait, it's A POWER MOVE. If these people didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

Happy Tuesday and God Bless America.