• Nero

Terrifying Ginger Horrifies Social Media

As if 2020 wasn't terrifying enough with the Rona, Murder Hornets, angry hungry rats etc now the gingers are getting involved. When I woke up this morning I thought nothing would be worse than seeing that the stock market acting as if President Trump can actually heavily regulate or shutdown social media

Nope watching my portfolio shed money wasn't even close to the most horrific thing I saw this morning. Absolutely nothing can even come close to the gut wrenching pain caused by seeing some wanna be ginger comic, pretty sure it's Carrot Top, trending on Twitter for making a threat against the president.

Carrot Top didn't even try to deny it

Friend of Flappr Siraj immediately put Mr. Top on the list

Fuzzy Dunlop reminded Carrot Top of the time President Trump made him cry

Cox wants Carrot Top to seek therapy

I fear however that would be extremely cruel to whichever therapist had to sit alone in a room with him.

Here is the real problem if someone like say James Woods said something similar about Nancy Pelosi his twitter account would be suspended permanently and the media would be calling for criminal charges to be filed. In this instance however a C list comedian like Carrot Top will face no backlash what so......(The Nero Phone rings) Excuse me I need to get this.

"Nero speaking"

(Listens to other side of conversation)

"What? Really? Are you sure?"

(listens to other side of conversation)

Oh dear, I feel so bad, tell him I am so sorry

Ladies and gentleman I feel terrible I cannot believe I mistook a great American like CarrotTop

For D minus list, at best, "comedian" and all around terrible human Kathy Griffin. I only hope Carrot Top can one day forgive me. Aside from changing Carrot Top to Kathy Griffin

nothing in this piece changes. Some will blame the President, some will blame media, most will forget Kathy Griffin exists by lunch time but it doesn't matter who anyone tries to blame for the state of discourse in the 21st century because it is the fault of humans that eat it up. Personally I don't have a problem with it as the state of discourse today is way more entertaining than most of what passes for television and or cinema. So I say let the Toddler in Chief throw tantrums and let forgotten celebrities have their 15 seconds of fame again because what the hell else am I going to write about?

Editor's Note: Carrot Top not only forgave Nero but took Nero and Elder Bartleby out for a wild night of drinking