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Teen Vogue Advocates for Economic System That Will Kill Teen Vogue

My name is Xarl, and I identify as a socio economic concept

I’ve never read Teen Vogue, but I’m pretty sure it used to be about fashion and makeup and celebrity gossip. Again, I don’t know. As a teenage boy who used to hop the walls at country clubs with his friends to see who could grab the most flags under the cover of night (sorry, Sherwood Forest Club) I was just never their target demographic.

Things have definitely changed over at the Teen Vogue compound. Most of their day yesterday was spent promoting articles about Transgender people. That subject’s probably a *tad* delicate for me to touch. However, they also spent a little time talking about how great Karl Marx was.

I’m not a fashion expert. In fact, I’m kind of a fashion rube. I do, however, know that Marxism definitely does not allow for the wealth surplus needed for the fashion industry to exist. In fact, Marx specifically spends much of his writing railing about how those excesses are evil. Not for him, of course. Marx spent most of his life living off wealthy donors.

My point is that Teen Vogue did a puff piece on the man who--by volume--created the single most effective system for killing in history.

They’re flat out lying to their readers. Their readers will mostly be grunts in a Marxist society. Not the editors of Teen Vogue though. They’ll get to wear velvet togas, or whatever it is our Bacchanalian Elite would choose to wear in our post apocalyptic (read: post establishment of global Marxism) society. Teen Vogue readers will, by and large, be wearing burlap loincloths just like the rest of us. Perhaps if they serve the General Secretary well, they will be allowed to bedazzle them. Rhinestones may even be widely available as a form of underground currency. If Venezuela is any preview of a future dominated by Marxism, the rhinestones will be more valuable than our Berniebux, which is what I assume a post-Marxist Global Currency would be called.

Anyway, Minions and Minion-like Tweeters got in on the fun from all sides.

One of my Twitter besties, What a Croc, got in on the fun by pointing out that Marx was a rabid anti-Semite. Silly Croc! Bernie Types who wrote this garbage have been overlooking rabid anti-Semitism in their over movement for years. It’s almost like they tacitly endorse it. Just look at NYC Frankenmayor.

Spider-Ken was much smarter than me, and did not click the link. Rest assured, Spider-Ken, they did not cite those things.

Our own Lord of Revelry, Nero, gave us some useful footage of Communist Clothing. I don’t remember exactly what teenage girls wore when I was in high school, but it probably wasn’t baggy, form hiding dungarees. The times really are a-changin’.

No they’re not, Glamorganshire. No they are not. Thankfully, these are the Cleveland Spiders of Leftist Media, so it mostly results in sweet dunks.

Doubting Tumnus seems very sure about Teen Vogue’s real purpose. We at Flappr are all happy you’re gaining some confidence!

So cool indeed, Josh. I once killed 500 soldiers in Dynasty Warriors 3 with a girl character though (she had paper fans as weapons) which makes me way cooler than Marxism. Give Flappr and I a follow since we're both so cool!

Anyway, this entire story has made me hate everything so I’m going to do like my profile picture and drink.


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