• Nero

Take the Weekend and Relax

Everyone's a little frayed right now. It’s understandable. We are watching a significant portion of the country try and take from us the freedoms we hold so dear. Failing NY Times writer Emily Bazelon went as far as to say the First Amendment was bad for free speech. We have seen how the “intellectual class” keeps changing definitions in order to better fit their agenda. Now extremely liberal Diane Fienstein is public enemy number 2, Trump is always number 1, for being cordial toward Lindsey Graham after the Barrett hearings ended.

Then you have Twitter acting as the arbiter of truth with the NY Post story and Savannah Gutherie’s performance at the Trump Town Hall. It is enough to make you fall into a catatonic state. Things seem pretty bad right now. I get that. It’s in moments like this that you need to put your tits on ice, thanks for that great phrase Mommy Penny, and relax. It’s only going to get worse.

No matter what happens on November 3rd things will get worse. Sure there will be different levels of bad regarding the outcome but even a Trump landslide coupled with retaking the House would have bad results for those living in cities. Antifa is not going to stop their shit if Biden wins and the Dems take the Senate. Hell they will probably get worse because there will be a power structure too scared of losing left wing support to do anything to them.

Regardless of the outcome the acrimony in the country will remain. Even if the Dems get control of the Senate I doubt they have votes to pack the court, Manchin surely won’t go for it and frankly I doubt Feinstein would either, probably wouldn’t be able to get rid of the legislative filibuster either. These things will only make the AOC wing and Antifa angier than they already are.

At this point the die is cast and worrying about what comes next is really just a waste of your time and energy. There is nothing that can be done to change the opinions of people at this point. They believe what they believe. Stressing out about the election isn’t going to do you any good. Remember even if Biden wins you have until January to prepare for Kamala’s Stormtroopers by fleeing to one of the states that will definitely be in the process of seceding. So take the weekend to relax. Kick off your shoes, pour a few drinks, put on some of “Nero’s Cool Island Jams” and chill the fuck out. There is always the chance that society will collapse around us and we can finally get some fucking sleep.